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"YesNo" and live for you to eat: emergency contraception is a slag man? Sohu – "YesNo" and maternity health and Ruo! Not for the rumors in the!! November 10th (Thursday) at 12:00, hyacinth and NetEase broadcast cooperation, heavy launch "YesNo" and the fourth period, the column is invited to the maternity medical group of famous experts Wo medicine, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, deputy director of gynecology and family planning specialist Dr. Chen Yulin guest studio, and we pull: for you to eat is emergency contraception slag male? Wonderful not to be missed! Broadcast address? W=2 science experts: Associate Professor, Dr. Chen Yulin, deputy director of the Peking Union Medical College Hospital gynecologist, hyacinth – women and children APP special expert private doctors, medical doctors and experts group and wo. Good at: contraceptive counseling, pregnancy, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, diagnosis and treatment of recurrent abortion, abortion and difficult to take the ring, medium-term abortion, surgery for benign gynecological tumor. Small lecture: according to incomplete statistics, many friends after the lovemaking process ended, will fall into a vicious circle, just think about their own behavior whether can achieve contraceptive effect. The uneasy mood with us for a month, until my aunt, we sigh, a see hope and bright way, visible contraception is how important a thing ah! But who knows, how to really contraception? How should we deal with the failure of contraception? November 10th (Thursday) at 12:00, we invited to the deputy director of the Peking Union Medical College Hospital gynecology and family planning doctors, medical doctors and Wo Group co-founder Dr. Chen Yulin will answer in this period.相关的主题文章:

is everywhere; receive these seven messages to pay special attention to – People’s

Everywhere is the pit   seven received this message should pay special attention to   – communication channel, (related: commissioning editor: Meng Zhe, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章:

Special review when the konghan is no longer a mental disease of this disease is better soon (video)

Special review: when the konghan is no longer a mental disease of this disease is better soon [3 minutes] battlefield 2 ball Orangemen 2-3 Korea Yu Hai Hao Junmin who tried like Oolong ball, 0 to 3 behind, the first half was only 21% of the rate of the ball…… In a typical "koreaphobia" to start the symptoms, but the history of the game are rare in China and South Korea style, content, goals of the final 20 minutes. This failure should be on China football "koreaphobia" in the history of treatment. This is a genuine South Korean team, the past so many years, the sadness is not also fear konghan problems, but the absolute main did not have the chance to play with others, the East Asian Cup, a friendly match these grades enough a lot of things we should, but not broken "konghan" root cause. Can let the long fight, touted God of genuine Korean team in, Gao Hongbo and his disciples to pay, it is worth every Chinese people praise! About "konghan", is the misunderstanding of long habit: we only see the result of the game and the game scene, and then a generation lost to South Korea team player Chinese pronounced as "konghan", we never see through the surface inside, "fear" come from? "Koreaphobia" is a mental illness or a pen from Yucai concept to the youth culture, and then to the tactical level of historical debts? "Koreaphobia" the true horror lies in: South Korean players grew up in a brutal survival of the fittest mechanism formed under the strong sense of crisis and sense of hunger, in this mechanism, not hard training, never tasted bitter, there is no way out. In the course of time, it formed the spirit a frightening, but when 11 of his soul into the players together into a whole, the glow out of combat and grow exponentially. In contrast, youth education China football, never pay attention to personality training and personality training, listen more often than angular players more popular, not to mention the overall shape of cohesion. The last time the Sino Korean war scenes, like 11 sheep and 11 Desperado struggle, fear not to blame, do not lose to blame! There is a Japanese obsession with the end moment of the United States, in order to brilliant beauty such as cherry, such as regardless of personal danger, the warrior, the representative of Japan national life view. Koreans with simplicity, daughter of a humble family hibiscus flower, on behalf of the camouflage of natural disasters in the white and refuse to be cowed or submit to the enemy in the soul of a nation for thousands of years, "hibiscus flowers open 3000" is the Korean National Guard or the beautiful land patriotic symbol, the three East Asian countries, South Korea’s patriotism and national consciousness make its temperament tough, sometimes even rude and arrogant, but the national character reflected in the football field, has been more than Chinese restraint on the mean football. Back hundreds of years, the Ming Dynasty emperor if any one to see such a situation might be qijueshenwang. It must be pointed out that the South Korean football family background has its particularity, South Korea is to promote patriotism through football culture, national identity, their strong physique, targeted at the time of the Japanese colonists. If the South Korean team is facing the team Chinese "konghan", so the South Korean team each face of the Japanese team that can really call a Seoul相关的主题文章: