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"Zombies" original cast to create new picture spicy eyes I believe many people have played "zombies"? Recently, the producer George Fan released PC new "octopus" (Octogeddon) screenshots of the game, the first half of 2017 is expected landing Steam. Come and see how this works. "Octopus" is a 2D cross pass game, game player will play a mutant octopus, see the chef made of Octopus sushi was similar after the film, the octopus mutation is very angry, and invaded Earth launched destruction action. The mutant Octopus uses its tentacles to attack any enemy targets that have been blocked and can move around to avoid attacks. Checkpoint after the challenge is successful, will receive can purchase new tentacles and attack props, like pincers, frog head, snake, cock top, and they have different functions, let the game player can have their tactics in attack. The development of the All Yes Good studio by several previously involved "zombies" developers, including art designer Rich Werner and programmer Kurt PFeifer, George Fan is optimistic about the new film studio. (end)相关的主题文章: