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The streets of Zhejiang are best convertible version of van in Jiaxing near Pinghu pharmacy at noon yesterday, saw a super cool car, there are pictures and the truth! As seen from the diagram, the front and rear windshield of the vehicle are damaged. Driving in the streets, this is super cool, will Martha Lahti, Porsche…… Far away from the feeling of a kilometer! "Open" version of the van? Is it possible to have a new car on the van? A closer look is a van. But the car’s front face is almost disfigured". However, still resolutely on the road, the use of environmentally friendly materials, advertising paper window curtains, by the way can also undertake advertising rhythm! Although the car super awesome, but this condition really make people tremble with fear, a lot of netizens consulting this in the end is not the vehicle accident, will not have a security risk? In this proposal, the owner quickly to the car to do a comprehensive inspection, to avoid unnecessary accidents, reduce security risks, to "prevention" as the main. According to the road traffic safety law, vehicles must comply with the following rules: "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" provisions of article eleventh: driving a motor vehicle on road shall hang a motor vehicle plate, place the conformity inspection mark and the insurance sign, and the vehicle carrying vehicle license. The license plates of motor vehicles shall be suspended and kept clear and complete according to the regulations, and shall not be intentionally obscured or defiled. "People’s Republic of China road traffic safety law" twenty-first stipulation: driving a motor vehicle on road, safety and technical performance of the motor vehicle shall be checked; shall not drive a motor vehicle safety facilities are incomplete or the components do not meet the technical standards of safety.

浙江街头现极品敞篷版面包车 昨天中午在嘉兴平湖大药房附近,看到一辆超级拉风的车,有图有真相! 由图可见,车辆的前脸和后挡风玻璃均损毁。 行驶在街头,超级拉风,这是要将玛莎拉蒂、保时捷……远远甩开一公里的感觉! “敞篷”版的面包车?莫非面包车上新款了么?仔细一瞧,就是辆面包车。只是车子前脸几乎“毁容”。然而,还是毅然决然上路了,后窗采用环保材料——广告纸窗帘,顺便还可以承接广告业务的节奏!尽管这辆车超级给力,但这车况实在让人胆战心惊,好多网友咨询这到底是不是事故车辆,会不会有安全隐患?在此建议车主赶紧给爱车做个全面检查,避免不必要的事故发生,减少安全隐患,以“防”为主。根据道路交通安全法,车辆上路必须遵守以下规则:《中华人民共和国道路交通安全法》第十一条规定:驾驶机动车上道路行驶,应当悬挂机动车号牌,放置检验合格标志、保险标志,并随车携带机动车行驶证。机动车号牌应当按照规定悬挂并保持清晰、完整,不得故意遮挡、污损。 《中华人民共和国道路交通安全法》第二十一条规定:驾驶人驾驶机动车上道路行驶前,应当对机动车的安全技术性能进行认真检查;不得驾驶安全设施不全或者机件不符合技术标准等具有安全隐患的机动车。相关的主题文章: