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Zhejiang ranked first Chinese early rice yield record – Beijing, Beijing, Hangzhou, August 31, (Fang Kun) 31 reporter learned from the Zhejiang Provincial Department of agriculture, Zhejiang province in 2016 rice average yield of 426 kg, than the 2015 increase of 39 kg, higher than the national average increase of 37 kg per mu, ranked first, and the highest in Zhejiang the average yield of early rice highs, the highest average yield higher than 8 kg. 2016 Zhejiang rice single capacity for success, in addition to the policy of promoting and more favorable weather conditions, and the application and promotion of the production of rice new varieties and new technology are inseparable. It is reported that, in recent years, Zhejiang Province on yield increase and increase efficiency and the increase of the target, and vigorously promote the rice transplanting seedling and seedling disc stack technology, "two strong" high "cultivation techniques, early sowing and early planting production technology, promote early transplanting technology, disease insect green control technology. The main promotion of early rice varieties in early 39, zhongjiazao 17 super rice varieties, promote the rice with high yield and high efficiency, green unity, significant benefits are gained. In addition to the Zhejiang green high efficient creation and high-yield research project as the starting point, also established a group can see, science demonstration base. Zhejiang province in 2016 to create a piece of 39 acres of demonstration provincial rice and 7 acres of research, the per mu yield than last year increased by more than 10%. Especially in Zhejiang city of Zhuji Province town down the mountain village of early rice high-yielding new orange acres and research fields, both the agriculture of Zhejiang broke the record, 105 acres of rice "in early 39, the average yield reached 713.48 kg, the average yield of rice acres party for the first time exceeded 700 kilograms, of which 1.576 acres of research the field average yield of 747.85 kg. (end)相关的主题文章: