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Zhang Yixing "Lose Control" on the line "Lose Control show sexy Zhang Yixing" Zhang Yixing Zhang Yixing solo sexy on-line metamorphosis album open Sina entertainment news 28 zero, Zhang Yixing’s solo album "Lose Control" world premiere. The whole album by Zhang Yixing lyrics and music arranger, styles and complete the high degree, Zhang Yixing has demonstrated outstanding musical talent and the first featuring the producer of the control force. The title song "Lose Control" MV to zero along with the sound source disclosed, MV Zhang Yixing in the soft water is sexy, burst energy music. Zhang Yixing solo album with the same title song "Lose Control" is a gentle and sexy style works, MV uses a wealth of clothing scenes and special effects. Zhang Yixing’s singing sound sweet but not greasy, choreography do both power and beauty, enjoy the visual and auditory presentation. The use of wet half naked sexy element MV, the show is a man of deep and complex inner monologue. This antithesis, showing Zhang Yixing as a music creator, but also a wanton and restraint stage performer. Zhang Yixing in the first solo album shows a new look different from the past, the main song "Lose Control" in the MV he was gentle as water exudes sexy charm, the outbreak of music energy. Showing a man in the emotional world of lose control state, but also to express the most beautiful language and melody, and everyone in the music to find empathy. The album title song "both sexy tension Lose Control", or "what U need" included the song "tonight" s playful, gentle ecstasy, lyrical version of "MYM" clear and soft, "Relax" to express the voice of simple emotion, this album not only tells the story of a boy’s imagination and lost, also expressed a firm with a wise man. The 25 year old is in a transformation period, Zhang Yixing used his musical talent and hard work pay, for the fans and the music presented a paper full of sincerity. (commissioning editor: Daihatsu)相关的主题文章: