Zeng Cheng ligament injury Gao Hongbo dissatisfaction serious people rushed to the dangerous action-borderland

Zeng Cheng Gao Hongbo dissatisfaction: ligament injury serious dangerous action at one go Beijing – in September 6th, Chinese team player Zhang Yuning (left) and the opponents in the game play. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Cao Can late on September 6th, Liaoning Shenyang, Chinese team in the 2018 World Cup Asian zone qualifying round of 12 (hereinafter referred to as the 12 round of the second round) in the group phase draw with Iran team 0 to 0, in a struggle to get the first integral. Can be ranked first in Asia from the Iran team scored a point, the Chinese team is precious. After the game, the Iran team players lying on the pitch, Chinese team also has a number of players physical overdraft situation, which shows the 90 minutes of the match against the fierce. As Iran coach Carlos said: "every group phase as final to look at." 12 long journey, every game should go all out. There are also changes in the Chinese team to substitute goalkeeper Gu super resolved Iran team shot sixteenth times, after the ball to the flank of his teammates, the Shenyang Olympic Sports Center more than 35 thousand fans all stood up, with a cheer from the highest decibel audience to send the last attack Chinese team strength, but ultimately failed to rewrite the score. Chinese team followed five defenders keep got a draw, China men’s soccer coach Gao Hongbo said, this is the analysis of the strength of the opponent and the current state of the team after the decision. Although the China defensive team is still "532", "352" attack, but Gao Hongbo made great adjustments to the starting lineup, remove the veteran Zheng Zhi, Zhang Lin? Received right defender, Zhao Mingjian did not heal back was the first opportunity, right back. In the attack, Zhao Mingjian’s position is more obvious than renhang left more in front, in the first half of the China team Iran team counter has been strong body and high pressure defense to break the predicament, where he made the right is one of the few bright spots. With good performance at both ends of the offense and defense, Zhao Mingjian was elected the best player. Another major adjustment is the debut teenager Zhang Yuning, he lurks behind Wu Lei, the ball and the ball is the wind is quite general, the first shot Chinese team in the first half of the thirty-fifth minutes to get from this is played in the Eredivisie forwards. Zhang Yuning was impressed by Carlos: "No. 9 (Zhang Yuning) is a very difficult player for us, he has been making trouble for our defence." Zhang Yuning nearly 80 minutes of performance, the return of the trust of Gao Hongbo, but also enriched the Chinese team’s offensive routines and choices. There are also a lot of regret in the second half of the performance of the Chinese team in the second half of the stronger than the first half, the players have more ground transfer and cooperation, the attack line gradually improved. Gao Hongbo, Zhang Xizhe for Huang Bowen should be regarded as a coup, the body is not strong midfielder effectively revitalize the midfield, he sent Wu Lei to pass almost rewrite the score, but the latter is slightly sluggish processing waste the best scoring chance. Since then, Wu Lei also once was a defender kicked into the restricted area, but the referee did not make penalty from jordan. The whole game, the Chinese team only 5 foot shot, still less than the opponent’s 13相关的主题文章: