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Yunnan, Yiliang, a supermarket selling crocodile meat to eat it? (Figure) – Sohu news recently, some people reflect to the evening news, Yiliang, a supermarket selling crocodile meat. 8, the reporter came to the supermarket, saw a head of crocodile on the counter, next to the curious customers around: "crocodile is not to protect animals? Can you eat it?" In this regard, the relevant departments said that farmed crocodiles are allowed to sell, but to go through the approval of the competent authorities for the relevant documents. The crocodile cited public onlookers in Yiliang reporters that the supermarket, a headless crocodile lying on the ice with other seafood sold together, length is 1 meters, the neck with soft pink meat. One side of the price tag reads: crocodile, 110 yuan per kilogram, origin of Guangxi. There is also a sign in the aquatic area that says, "kill the crocodile, kill the present." the sign also marked the booking of the phone and the crocodile. "This is Siam crocodile crocodile, yesterday of slaughter, head to be bought yesterday." A person in charge of the supermarket said they began selling crocodile meat in September. "On September 5th, we slaughtered one, sold out in a few days, this is our second crocodile." Although a lot of onlookers, but not many people buy. "Crocodile meat is rich in protein and vitamins, and high medicinal value, eat fish and steamed, soup will do almost." A staff member introduction. Crocodile meat caused a lot of people’s curiosity, very much feel squeezed crocodiles and take pictures of people, but whether it will buy most shook his head, said it could not accept. "Look at the fear, afraid to buy, even if it is not to buy, how to eat it?" An aunt looked for a long time, when asked whether or not to buy, she shook her head. The supermarket relevant documents is legal in Guangzhou and other places, eating crocodiles are very common, usually used for cooking soup." Supermarket responsible person said. For the question of legality, the person in charge took the crocodile breeding company license and proof: "this is Guandu District Wu square a well integrated water products belong to the crocodile, artificial feeding, in accordance with the law, the public can rest assured." The person in charge also showed the Yunnan Provincial Forestry Bureau approved the administrative license and wild animals and their products using a copy of the license. The person in charge, the crocodile is their supermarket to buy their own, we also look at the purchase of the relevant documents of the business, after all, we are also concerned about the legality of the problem." Policy 3 kinds of artificial breeding crocodile can sell a lot of people may have this question: "crocodile meat can eat?"" This reporter has learned that the wild crocodile is to protect animals, was forbidden to slaughter before eating. 2003, the State Forestry Administration of 54 kinds of domestication and breeding of wild animals in the commercial use of the lifting of the ban, crocodiles are included. The Nile crocodile, crocodile, crocodile Siam these 3 crocodiles, as long as the law made the domestication and breeding of animal epidemic prevention and quarantine qualification, reach the requirements, you can engage in business management and use of domestication and breeding. If the Department of artificial breeding, and approved by the relevant departments, selling crocodile meat is not the road相关的主题文章: