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Yunnan more than 30 provincial units to Pu’er "bag help poverty – effectiveness previews Beijing Beijing in November 1 Kunming Xinhua (reporter Ma Qian) 1 days from Yunnan, more than 30 provincial departments of aid to Yunnan Pu’er City" bag help "responsible person with the city departments responsible person in Kunming, talked about the fixed work of helping common Pu’er of poverty alleviation plan. Since August 2015, Yunnan province poverty alleviation "bag" to help "visit" work carried out since the 31 provincial units designated helping to establish the mechanism of long-term work since Pu’er, hook, in charge of the leadership, business offices, sending cadres to implement organizational units, the first time the county, township, village depth and poor peasant households recognize relatives, chatted and touch, put real money, pay sincerely, help the poor, really poor, poor people in poor areas of the introduction of new ideas, new ideas, new initiatives, has brought the precious spiritual wealth of self-reliance, hard pioneer, gave birth to the rich new ideas, stimulate the poverty of endogenous power, strong accelerated Pu’er the pace of poverty alleviation and comprehensive well-off process, more firmly in the poor minority areas of border poverty as soon as possible confidence and determination . Yunnan provincial provincial organs, provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the provincial rural credit cooperative union leaders made the exchange statement. According to incomplete statistics, 31 provincial units at all levels of leadership in poor areas in-depth research visits to more than and 200 passengers; sent to village cadres 174, "bag help" 1852 cadres and workers; the completion of the first round of visit and return to the work of the cadres of 2020 people; and the introduction of a total investment of 56 million 630 thousand yuan relief fund to help poor students; 172 people held; 76 training courses, training more than 2 people. In helping the support unit driven by poverty alleviation work and achieved a remarkable success in puer. 12th Five-Year period, the city’s total population of 502 thousand people in rural poverty reduction, poverty incidence decreased from 42.1% to 17.8%. "Pu erh tea is the colorful Yunnan" diversity and diversity, ecological superiority, unique location, rich resources, ethnic diversity, cultural diversity." Pu’er Municipal Committee, said the satellite, thanks to the effectiveness of the provincial units to help achieve the fixed-point pu’er. However, poverty alleviation work is still not small, Pu’er economic and social development and poverty alleviation task is still arduous arduous task. The satellite bluntly, Pu’er tea is the miniature landscape of western frontier minority areas, soil shoubian, national unity, disaster prevention, anti drug AIDS, terrorism, poverty and other tasks than the mainland arduous, still faces many difficulties and problems in the work. Development pressure, the pressure from poverty. Poor, poor range, deep levels of poverty, direct the nation, little minority poverty reduction task is arduous, the problem of poverty in border areas is more prominent, because of poverty still exists. A set of satellite data lists, Puer 10 counties (District) there are 9 counties for poverty hat at the end of 2015 and exit the ranks of the poor; poverty population is 383 thousand, ranking fourth in Yunnan Province, the province accounted for 8.1% of the population in poverty; the poverty rate of 18.26%, higher than the provincial average of 5.55 percentage points; and "direct the nation)相关的主题文章: