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"Young Babylon" exposed new special Dong Zijian challenge the "old gun" – "young Babylon" entertainment Sohu "youth have a" special exposure path of the inner world of the protagonist road previously released "a presumptuous" poster Sohu entertainment news by Prime Minister Dong Zijian, Li Mengzhu strongly directed movie "young Babylon" released today "there is a boy" feature, the inner world of the protagonist road lane for the first time exposure, in the film arena with factory road road monologue show the tip of the iceberg.     "she" factory "live mode" Dong Zijian opens the small ye out of the gas field full of a temperament with no ambition at all ignorant youth, his father was a bastard "prostitute" factory, opened a "live mode from life". A special road, path about the cause yourself fall factories in the political arena, and to show the form of the monologue of a factory to the inner world of young men. In the video, although the road path monologue tone changed, but the words are wild, "small," "there is a gas field full, interpretation". Smoking, bubble girl, peeping underwear, trouble in the factory assembly, these seemingly mixed hesitate what is against the road on their own path of life is utterly bored to rot, dreary factory environment anger. A special calm hidden raging, as the road path of the inner world, let a person heart restless, eager to get rid of the daily cage. Dong Zijian breakthrough self, a new interpretation of uninhibited agitation factory small ye also let him become the male youth film in a debris flow. New and old play bone – crack growth history of an era. The young lonely figure movie "young Babylon" adapted from the novel of the same name in, tells the story of Dong Zijian’s young workers in the factory in the city road lane put saccharin factory blood youth growth history. The film cast with reputation: 19 years old, 22 year old actor behind for Cannes acting as Dong Zijian, partner of 90 actress Li Meng China first onto the red carpet in Cannes; more national old play bone Li Daguang, Shang Tielong with mutual whirlwind acting frame. Behind the film production team the same powerful: Genius director Xiangguo footage of the original author was strong, curb personally involved in the screenwriter, more Hongkong veteran filmmaker Lin Bingkun escort. Dong Zijian admitted that in the filming of "young Babylon" did not contact the factory before, because the film was the first time to feel the factory life. "I went to the factory to see, randomly interviewed some people, I love to chat with the factory janitor uncle, they stayed there for a long time, estimated to be more than and 40 years or even fifty years, can get some stories about the factory from their mouths, some people about themselves and their side lonely or affected by in this era of the story". It is reported that the movie "young Babylon" opened in December 9th.相关的主题文章: