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Sorcer SR what do the white wolf culture culture price analysis on the strength of the White Wolf onmyoji white wolf as a good SR, has a good single burst, then the white wolf is really worth the training? Together with Xiaobian look. White Wolf skills: 1, text shoot, general attack, target attack damage caused by 100%. 2, meditation, passive, at the end of the turn, there are 30% to raise the next round of 20% crit damage. With this passive, can be a good use of active skills. 3, no I, the fire, causing 237% damage, and the attack crit rate increased by 30%. This high crit probability, can play with the passive effect of seckill. The main output damage is 3, and the ability of the 3 skill to crit is also high. A page is worth for the civilian culture, culture of the White Wolf game player, too much money and energy, if your imperial soul is not good, the white wolf culture for other hellspawn may be disrespectful. The same effort to develop other hellspawn can receive better effect. Bean net onmyoji Mobile Games exchange group: 469457474 (join) a monster butterfly seal place where the position of the fine pool brush a copy of jumping frog porcelain refresh location SR Gu won the Royal soul bird cherry trees on both sides of the Red Guard Shiba Big Buddha eye I choose female ghost dog dog leaves where brush position 2-6, SSR11 month list of white wolf Royal soul           Royal soul collocation Royal soul Collocation: the most suitable is broken, because the ultimate murder and progress, and the single output a tremendous harm to the hellspawn are appropriate Kuzushi, can direct the second person (Second Team Ibaraki). Breaking potential in foe is higher than 70%, with 40% of injuries, with White Wolf / injury and burst injury of passive income superimposed, the second person easily and without any problems, but after the murder of the progress bar plus 60% almost immediately again to kill (as long as there is fire) the White Wolf actually also has several other popular royal soul collocation if you are confident enough to hurt you in the opposite then seconds that comes with enough wisps when the boy turn into the road can also be used to play what are of course crit damage but this adjustment will be much lower only bullying and a printed with crispy cat to kill by its own drive and auxiliary tempering complete the round several times to kill because of the expense of 15% crit so imperial soul whole attribute should also adjust the number 6 position may be changed into crit 4+2 set for attribute crit with side attack Should not let people see the White Wolf of the horror of the white wolf team selection team selection single point second stream: White Wolf + + + male deer Yaodao Ji mountain rabbit Yan Mo + Yan Mo provides control to ensure the mountain rabbit brace, white wolf to a single point seconds after the trigger and trigger the passive male deer seconds down, either Yaodao or white wolf have single seconds after fire ability, mountain rabbit and Enma should be to ensure a sufficient amount of fire fire spirit. White wolf.相关的主题文章: