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"Yi Xiang style? Fam Dachang Chaoyang Park Exhibition Beijing East – another Sohu in tourism Dachang, Beijing East, adjacent to Tongzhou, the scenic area, is the best garden leisure, waterfront ecological tourism. But for Beijing tourists, it is strange and mysterious. This time, in Beijing, Chaoyang, Dachang was unveiled to the public in Beijing! Dachang Hui Autonomous County Tourism Bureau to seize the Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development of major strategic opportunity to further improve the Dachang tourism reputation and influence, started the "Beijing at the foot of the Dachang folk style" tourism image. On September 24th -25, 2016 Tianjin Dachang county (Beijing ChaoYang Railway Station) tourism promotion activities and the "Yi Xiang style · Dachang fam photography exhibition held in Chaoyang Park in Beijing. The opening ceremony opening ceremony, Dachang county government and the Chaoyang District Tourism Committee signed the "Beijing and Hebei regional tourism cooperation framework agreement". The photography exhibition "· Yi Xiang style; fam Dachang photography exhibition, hundreds of pieces of Dachang County in recent years for photographers in tourist attractions, festivals, customs and Hui tourism development planning picture. Attended the leadership to watch the photographic exhibition! Members of the public, tourists stop in front of the exhibition, watch the show! Through publicity platform, actively promote the Dachang tourism resources, tourism companies let into Beijing, into the sun, at the same time let Chaoyang residents understand further into the manufacturers, manufacturers, manufacturers eleven Golden Week tourism market for tourists, promote tourism development of Dachang zaixuhuihuang. Tourists and photo exhibition photo! Attend the leaders and business representatives on-site exchange! Tourism promotion activities on-site consultation to answer tourism enterprises for a period of two days, watching the photography exhibition and tour of the Beijing citizens and tourists nearly thirty thousand people! Issued a total promotion of tourism, tourism enterprises, tourism manufacturers promotions, souvenirs and other promotional materials and goods of more than 4 books. The event has fully demonstrated the charm of the tourism core manufacturers, for the upcoming eleven golden week autumn tourism season full preheating. Recommended travel routes for the convenience of tourists travel, tourism bureau director of Dachang recommended 6 Dachang tourist routes to the people of Beijing in the opening ceremony. Travel routes: 1, along the 102 National Highway, Dachang quest spa line 2, 103 State Road, Dachang quest attractive tourist line 3, line 4, Dachang fishing farm depth leisure two day tour line 5, with small fresh, two day tour of Dachang line Photo 6, "4+2" tour and Exhibition Igo fam from Dachang Beijing and Hebei more than 20 news media to participate in activities on-site promotion. Dainzin Dachang thought is the architectural styles of the mosque, the National Palace, everywhere exudes a mysterious Islamic style, has become a outstanding representative of perfect combination of Islamic style and modern culture "". Jingdong, the first river surrounding Chaobaihe County southwest and had entered the Dachang would like to enter into a giant.相关的主题文章: