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Yang Yang claimed to protect his wife kuangmo " ": love will Beijing Chongni girlfriend – Chongqing evening news adapted from the popular novel of the same name of the TV drama "smiled very little" is Jiangsu TV hit, the couple Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang’s sweet interaction so many viewers to eat a mouth dog food. Yesterday, Yang Yang in the plane to catch the gap to accept the Chongqing evening news reporter WeChat interview. Her sister is very in the play Yang Yang in real life is to protect his wife kuangmo, bluntly after the fall in love will be very doting girlfriend, don’t let others bully. Dancer born Yang Yang admits that he wanted to play the role of a dancer, is a fan of desire, but also want to take the two to show their dance skills. But the speech is too much rich handsome, Yang Yang also want to challenge a black abdomen role, "the villain, have the opportunity to be. I played this role, although this is a villain, but not flat just kept the bad character, still has its own unique outlook on life and complex experience. I think that as long as the role of the rich, as actors want to try." The drama played by Yang Yang in the Xiao Nai say love this thing, but reached the ten level of love, and the life of Yang Yang said the words to want to say. Chongqing evening news reporter Chen Keyu相关的主题文章: