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Xuzhou Fengxian County murder suspect at large reward twenty thousand Hyde Modern Express News (reporter Li Weihao) September 25th, Xuzhou Fengxian County Shou Xian Zhen occurred murder murder, crime suspects. Local police have issued a reward of 20 thousand yuan for the murderer. Modern Express reporter learned that the victim is a local Fengxian County, and the suspect had emotional entanglements, when he worked in the field and the suspect acquaintance, two people also have a child. After the murdered woman returned to Fengxian County with her child, she was killed by the trailing man. It is said that two people are breaking up before the incident. Fengxian County police issued notification reward Hyde said notification: September 25, 2016, Fengxian County Shou Xian Zhen occurred in major cases, the work that Yang Yijun is a major crime suspects. Yang Yijun, alias: Yang Bin, male, 48 years old, Binhai County, Jiangsu province Chen Tao Xiang Ding Dun Cun, Yongsheng Group No. 43, ID number 320922196805175051, about 170 centimeters tall, medium build, Yancheng accent. Now the public security organ has set up a special group to solve the case. Looking forward to the masses to actively provide clues, who provide important clues or directly capture the suspects reward RMB 20 thousand yuan.

徐州丰县杀人案嫌犯在逃 警方悬赏两万缉凶   现代快报讯(记者 李伟豪)9月25日,徐州丰县首羡镇发生一起杀人命案,嫌疑人作案后逃走。当地警方发布通告,悬赏2万元缉拿凶手。   现代快报记者了解到,被害人系丰县本地人,和嫌犯曾有感情纠葛,其在外地打工时和嫌犯相识,两人还育有一个孩子。后被害女子带着孩子返回丰县,结果被尾随而来的男子杀害。据说案发前,两人正闹分手。   丰县警方发布通报悬赏缉凶,通报称:2016年9月25日丰县首羡镇发生一起重大案件,经工作发现杨义军有重大作案嫌疑。杨义军,别名:杨斌,男,48岁,江苏省滨海县陈涛乡丁墩村永胜组43号,身份证号320922196805175051,身高170厘米左右,中等身材,盐城口音。   现公安机关已成立专案组对此案开展侦破。望广大群众积极提供线索,凡提供重要线索或直接抓获犯罪嫌疑人的奖励人民币2万元。相关的主题文章: