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Xuchang attractions spell "Yan value" 7 days "gold" 900 million yuan – Henan – people.com.cn original title: Xuchang attractions spell "Yan value" 7 days "gold" 900 million yuan during the National Day this year, the weather is fine, suitable for travel. Our city scenic spots carefully prepared, based on the beauty of the decorate, competing in a good-looking and delicious, fun warm welcome, attracted a large number of tourists to make sightseeing and leisure holiday. The city’s tourism market is very active, showing a good situation of double harvest steel supply and demand, tourism and income. October 7th at 4 pm, the City Tourism Bureau statistics show that during the festival, the city received a total of 6 million 480 thousand tourists, an increase of 25%, total tourism revenue of $967 million, an increase of 23%. The Expo will detonate earth "ecological leisure colorful Yan value burst table into a bright flowers such as the sea, waves, eleven year golden week ecological tour" Yan value burst table. In September 26th, with sixteenth China flowers? The Central Plains Trade Fair opening, a visual feast in Yanling, huaboyuan, colorful autumn flowers turned the kingdom of earth area". Hua Bo Yuan Hei, the carnations, forget me not as thousands of flowers set large tapestry make visitors find everything fresh and new very shocking. The park riotous with colour the flowers flourish, a beautiful land, such as the peacock, two guests of various flowers set their enchanting charm. In September 28th, full of mysterious romantic colorful earth scenic grand opening, purple lavender, yellow, pink and white flowers of chrysanthemum and Ge Sanghua bloom in the sun, an area of 2000 acres of land in the distance to the shop to start. Tourists stroll in the fragrance, and the flowers have a photo, linger. During the national day, huaboyuan and colorful earth tourists attractions, visitors. According to statistics, the colorful earth scenic daily tourist reception capacity of 80 thousand passengers, up to a day more than 90 thousand people; huaboyuan scenic one-day tourists up to more than 60 thousand people. In addition, one scenery famous flowers and trees, the science and Technology Park feiye Liudan Heming lake, gathered the delicacy Jianye restaurant also become a good place for leisure tourists. The flower fair after 10 years of growth and transformation of our city has become very suction eye effect of a beautiful name card. In its drive, during the national day, Yanling scenic spots received a total of 1 million 490 thousand tourists, tourism revenue reached $540 million. The program is rich, colorful night scenic spots to attract tourists the "coup" in order to attract tourists, tourists keep pace, the city’s major scenic spots of the "coup". Huadu Spa Resort hosted the Thailand wind plot, Thai style park with a new decoration, visitors to experience the "flowers in spring over the global fragrance" will also enjoy the vibrant Thailand cabaret, taste authentic Thailand delicacy. Ge Tianyuan and Cao Cheng Xiangfu scenic scenic each to create a magnificent romantic night light show, the scenic Ambilight, enrich the night tourism activities. God? Town launched Jun kiln opening ceremony, Ling Bridge area launched a magic acrobatics, dance cheongsam show, spring floor area)相关的主题文章: