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The Xiuning men’s prison yanchuang magic 305 prisons he was held personal show in September 15th Mid Autumn Festival, in the evening, looked at the "tick" the rain did not stop the meaning of the long-awaited, once a year the straw dragon even dance not, every household households watching TV ready to close the door. However, the Xiuning County Rural Fishing Village Board downstairs "crane forward building" lit inside, burst out from time to time bursts of screaming cheers – the village of young Xiao Feng (a pseudonym) held a mid autumn festival individual magic special performance at present here, folks he immersed in the world of magic magic, a breath meditation, in perfect silence, while crying cheers, applause…… Under the decorated archway, the villager is 28 years old. After graduating from vocational high school, he is engaged in hairdressing work outside. In November 19, 2008 due to repeated fault peer bullying, anger from the heart on committing the crime of intentional injury was sentenced to 11 years in prison, June 25, 2009, from the detention center was transferred to the Zhejiang Province sixth prison three prison area three Supervisor District prison reform. In prison at the beginning of the Hillsborough regret impulse, future is doomed, there have been "Poguanposhuai" idea, once to muddle along without any aim dawdle. In a Sunday afternoon after half a year, and he bored inmates a soup soup chat, a whim playing a card trick, Xiaofeng was deeply attracted, he thought about every detail of them, trying to crack the mystery. Hard work pays no attention to people, second days, he really figured out the mystery. Some see Tang Xiaofeng learned without teacher surprised praise. Then, one after another to actually break the Xiaofeng Tang Mou all magic. This accident let Xiaofeng inadvertently caught a glimpse of the magic behind the mystery, he then changed the decadence apathetic state of mind, wandering in the magic world of enjoyable, intoxicating. One after another wonderful magic, in the care of the leadership of the prison area support and their efforts to be designed, such as "three seconds to wear", "big change living", "wearing a mirror" and other more than 10 large magic has become a prison program to perform a large performance essential. In prison, Xiaofeng research and innovation stage, close to the table and other types of magic 305, and defeated 4 professional magicians in the game show near the prison. At the same time, he mastered the technology of welding and carpentry, has won the praise of individual merit, prison reward points, three commuted to 7 years and 6 months, in June 18th this year released. After leaving, the prison was still a football field for him held 2.5 hours of individual magic show special party, attracted the audience inside and outside the prison 4000 people to watch. Asked why the organization of this magic party, Xiaofeng said, held in November 2014 in the family education, parents went to Zhejiang to see his magic show, feel very pleased, and encouraged him to make good transformation, new life. But he also vowed, came out with his father zounanchuangbei performing magic, regardless of difficulties and hardships, one family is happy together, "did not expect, in May last year, my father died of illness. 7 years away from home, the Magic Festival held in the Mid Autumn Festival, just want to do something for the village, let folks master

休宁男子狱中研创魔术305个 监狱曾为他举办个人表演秀   9月15日中秋节,傍晚时分,眼瞅着“滴滴答答”的雨点儿丝毫没有停歇的意思,人们期待已久、一年一度的稻草龙怕是舞不成了,家家户户准备关门闭户看电视。然而,休宁县鹤城乡渔塘村牌楼下“向前楼”内却灯火通明,不时爆出阵阵尖叫欢呼声——村里青年晓峰(化名)在这里举办庆中秋个人魔术专场表演,在座的父老乡亲沉浸在他神奇的魔术世界里,一会儿屏息凝思,鸦雀无声,一会儿振臂欢呼,掌声雷鸣……   晓峰是牌楼下村民,今年28岁,职业高中毕业后在外从事美发工作。2008年11月19日因同行屡次找茬欺凌,怒从心起犯下故意伤害罪被判有期徒刑11年,2009年6月25日,从看守所移送到浙江省第六监狱三监区三分监区服刑改造。身陷囹圄之初,晓峰后悔一时冲动,前程尽毁,有过“破罐破摔”的想法,一度浑浑噩噩地混日子。入狱半年后的一个周日下午,百无聊赖的他和狱友汤某闲聊,汤一时兴起耍起了一个纸牌魔术,晓峰一下子被深深吸引住了,他冥思苦想琢磨着其中的每一个细节,试图破解其中的玄机。功夫不负有心人,第二天,他果真想通了其中的奥秘。汤某看到晓峰无师自通,惊讶之余称赞不已。之后,晓峰居然接二连三地破解了汤某的全部魔术。这次偶然事件让晓峰无意间窥见了魔术背后的玄机,他从此一改颓废萎靡的精神状态,徜徉在神奇的魔术世界里其乐融融,陶醉不已。   一个又一个奇妙的魔术在监区领导的关心支持和自己的潜心努力下被设计出来,如“三秒钟穿”、“大变活人”、“穿镜子”等10多个大型魔术已成为监狱举办大型演出必备节目。在狱中,晓峰研创舞台、近台等各种类型魔术305个,并在表演比赛中打败了临近监狱的4名专业魔术师。与此同时,他熟练掌握了电焊和木工技术,多次获得监狱的单项表扬、记功等奖励加分,三次减刑到7年6个月,于今年6月18日刑满释放。临行,监狱还在一个足球场为他举办了时长2个半小时的个人魔术表演专场晚会,吸引了狱内外观众4000人到场观看。   问及为什么要举办本次魔术晚会,晓峰说,在2014年11月举办的亲情帮教中,父母远赴浙江看了他的魔术表演,感到无比欣慰,再三鼓励他要好好改造,重新做人。而他自己也发誓,出来后带着父亲走南闯北表演魔术,不管艰难困苦,一家人在一起就是幸福,“未曾料到,去年5月我父亲就因病离开了人世。离家7年,中秋举办魔术晚会就是想为村里做点事,让乡亲们开心开心,让九泉之下的父亲瞑目。”   事后了解到,为更好地举办这次中秋魔术晚会,晓峰准备了一周时间,仅道具材料一项就花费2380元,共表演了纸牌漂浮、空手变玫瑰、空盆变月饼糖果、火把变棒、空手变钱等多个魔术。“好看得让我忘记了拍照片。”一位村民用这样形象的话语表达出了魔术表演的精彩绝伦。   中秋夜,晓峰用一台魔术表演告慰父老乡亲们:曾经迷茫、浴火重生,将以凤凰涅槃的姿态,在人生的道路上展翅高飞,飞向理想的天空……   原标题:[社会眼]休宁男子狱中研创魔术305个!监狱曾为他举办个人表演秀,4000人到场观看!   编辑:张硕相关的主题文章: