Xinjiang, North China continued to snow in the Northeast Huang Huai next week haze-ca1477

Northeast Xinjiang snow continued north Huang Huai next week in China – Beijing continuous haze weather network news recently, northern Xinjiang, northeast snowstorm again and again, the next three days above the snow area potential is still strong, among them, today (13 days) in Northeast China will usher in a new round of snow, heavy snow. While the north, Huang Huai and other places have staged a cold air and the "haze" tug of war, a few days of local severe haze in the future; for the southern region, today began to rain again increased, but the temperature has continued to rise, 15 of the Southern China area and even the highest temperature will rise to 30 DEG C. Northeast of Xinjiang and North China, Blizzard frequent haze yesterday, Heilongjiang and Jilin area of northern Xinjiang snow snow has subsided, potential remains strong, including Tacheng and Aletai in some areas even suffered a heavy snowstorm. When the depth of the deepest snow in Tacheng reached 37.3 cm, more than the November historical extreme of 37 cm, more than 0.3 cm. The next three days, the northern Xinjiang will continue to be strong snowfall weather, snow today temporarily weakened, tomorrow will be strengthened again. Central Meteorological Observatory predicted that 13 days, Xinjiang, northern snowfall will be weakened. 14 ~ 17 days, snow in northern Xinjiang will once again strengthen, northern Xinjiang have small to moderate snow or sleet weather, which, in some areas of Tacheng, Aletai, Yili River Valley and along the Tianshan Mountains and other places with heavy snow. The Northeast snowfall yesterday weakened after today will usher in a new round of snow was the strongest, which today. Central Meteorological Observatory is expected to 13 ~ 14, the northeast of Inner Mongolia, north of the northeast region will have a heavy snow or sleet, which, in the northeast of Inner Mongolia, central Heilongjiang and other places have a snowstorm (10 ~ 18 mm). Above the depth of the snow cover 4 ~ 8 cm, local up to more than 12 cm. The northern part of the northeast, Xinjiang recently frequent snowfall, a large amount of snow, the relevant departments and the public need to focus on the influence of heavy snowfall caused local transportation, agricultural facilities, animal husbandry transitions; in addition, the region has existed in a wide range of snow, snow and ice roads need attention may lead to adverse effects of highway and railway civil aviation, and power facilities. For the north of North China, Huang Huai and other places, in recent days frequently suffered haze baptism". Yesterday morning, North China, Huang Huai appeared in a wide range of haze weather, some areas of the northwest of Shandong, the fog visibility less than 1000 meters, the poor quality of southern Hebei, northern Henan and southern Shanxi and other places of air, generally appeared to severe pollution. Today, North China and other places will continue haze. Is expected to 13 during the day to night, Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, South Central and Western Shandong, Eastern Henan, central Shanxi and southwestern Shaanxi, in some areas with moderate haze, which, in some areas of central and southern Hebei northeast of Henan, southwestern Shandong and other places have severe haze. To this end, the Central Meteorological Station in November 13th 06 continue to publish haze yellow warning. In addition, 13 to the morning of the morning, the central and southern Hebei, Eastern Henan, Western Shandong and the peninsula and other places have dense fog, which, Hebei, South Central, Eastern Henan.相关的主题文章: