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Xinhua China Press: the weight of life will make Japanese layers of Track – Beijing, Beijing, November 11, Japan Xinhua China Press 11 journal article said that the afternoon of October 30th, a 31 year old female white-collar workers jumped from Osaka Hirakata Tsude station platform, crushed high-speed trains coming to death. Accident caused by 26 classes of tram outage, a number of trams delayed, more than 6 thousand people travel blocked. Police investigation confirmed that the woman belongs to suicide. In Japan, almost every day to hear the news of suicide jump. There are many reasons for suicide, but one thing is very consistent. That is, they have been forced into a cornered situation. Article excerpts are as follows: according to the Japanese government statistics, from 2009 to 2015 7 years, Japan has a total of 4261 people choose Dutch act Tiaogui, an average of 608 people, the daily average of 1.7 people die on the tracks. Among them, there are 430 students in school. Due to Japan’s rail transportation is very developed, people generally take tram. So, every time when a suicide occurs, will cause the tram a substantial delay, some people even can not go home at night. So, what are the reasons for these suicide jumping? First, health reasons. According to the Japanese Ministry of health Dutch act in 4261 measures to promote the investigation room, the 2048 people Dutch act, people suffering from the disease, accounting for 59% of the total, especially 75.1% unemployed people in health problems. Depression, attentiondeficit disorder, physical disease and other mental disorders in health problems in the top four. There is no doubt that the mental problem of health is the first cause of suicide. Second, economic problems. Just as there are 2483 people who are unemployed, the economic problem is also an important reason why they choose to commit suicide. There is no fear of food at home, in order to help low-income people, Japan launched a variety of insurance and subsidy system. But at the same time, Japan is also a high price countries, especially in Tokyo, Osaka and other big cities, only rent can spend nearly half of the income. If you get sick, it’s hard to make a living. Again, family problems. As the saying goes, everything goes well. Japan is a very family oriented society, the Andouble amendment also added to maintain the Japanese family system provisions. However, in recent years the derailment phenomenon in Japanese society has become more and more serious, even derailed, was made into a TV series, let the "rational". In the case of continuous decay of family values, family problems can hardly be avoided. Some are "cuckold" hard, also can choose Dutch act. Finally, work, school problems. It is worth noting that 11.6% of the suicide population is due to workplace and school reasons. Japanese society believes that the survival of the fittest "jungle law", that is, the so-called evolutionary theory. Workplace bullying, bullying campus, each school before March, August, is the student’s suicide season. Because it is too weak to be bullied, some people chose to Dutch act. So some people have to ask, why do these people choose to jump the way to end their lives? Indeed, there are many ways to commit suicide. But from the Japanese fine相关的主题文章: