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Xiamen to respond to disaster water shortage 19 days to restore the city’s supply – Beijing, China News Agency, Xiamen, September 17 (reporter Chen Yue Yang Fushan) Xiamen municipal government the night of 16 news release, as of 16 evening of 18, Xiamen has more than 27 people water problems. At the same time, Xiamen is stepping up to repair the Tongan, Xiangan electric power disaster, and strive to 19 in the city to restore power. The Mid Autumn Festival hit the Xiamen typhoon "Meranti" has been far from, hydropower and other living facilities restored to the people of Xiamen are most concerned about the topic. As of 16, when there are still 55 thousand people living in Xiamen, the island is difficult, mainly some of the higher terrain area. According to reports, at present, the water plant, water supply facilities on the island of Xiamen is no problem, but the water is too large, 24 hours has reached 735 thousand tons, an increase of 200 thousand tons more than usual, basically at full load condition, causing part of the water pressure is not enough. Zhang Liyong, general manager of Xiamen water group, the island is expected to soon return to normal water supply. But due to the external power supply interruption, Xiamen Xiangan district (the Eaux water area) of about 17 thousand households, accounting for 1/10 of total users strong user exists problems of water; Tong’an District 200 thousand more households, accounted for a total of 2/3 users have strong water problems. After the restoration of electricity, these problems or gradually resolved. Power off Xiamen Tongan, Xiangan two power disaster area, is currently in the emergency repair. Deputy general manager of the State Grid Xiamen power company Xu Zhiyong said, after the typhoon path transmission line corridor is intensive, devastating blow for Xiamen power grid, the power of households more than 55 households, Tongan, Xiangan electric power interruption. 17 am, the about 500000 blackout households, about half of the restoration of power supply. In addition to the relevant departments to pay close attention to repair, the parties also actively help people solve the water problem. On the morning of 16, before Xiamen Pu a cell door, the reporter saw the people lined up in front of fire water. Qianpu fire squadron fighter Zhang Liangpeng said, before the Po area in the typhoon hit, there are 5 areas need to provide water services squadron area. Early in the morning he came to the cell door, there have been more than and 300 residents come to fetch water. Some old and infirm old man can not mention the water upstairs, enthusiastic Zhang also helped to carry water for the elderly, and 8 times upstairs. City Fire Brigade responsible person told reporters that the 16 day, the city’s fire brigade dispatched 65 fire engines, motorcycles, set up 12 water supply services, transport more than 100 tons of water. In addition, there are a number of hotels in Xiamen, the hotel announced to provide free access to the surrounding people to take a bath, charging. 16 afternoon, the reporter saw in Xiamen a large shopping mall in Genting Road, and there are a lot of people with the surrounding power socket to the mall, sit on the side of mobile phone, tablet computer charging, while the Internet chat, opera. A member of the public said that the district where the intermittent power supply and charging in the mall, the Internet, and air conditioning, also be kuzhongzuole during the holidays "". (end)相关的主题文章: