Wuliangye Chairman liquor industry has touched the bottom line as well as the price of space soulseek

Wuliangye Chairman: the liquor industry has bottomed out brands and price space since the beginning of this year, the high-end liquor "up" a sound, stirred the liquor market restless, Wuliangye 52 liquor hutch Wuliangye one of the core products (commonly known as the S & P Five) is two times the price within a year, the ex factory price of 739 yuan the bottle has a record high. Wuliangye has been the price of some industry insiders as a symbol of the industry recovery". Liquor industry ten years in the past nearly five years, the next will be how to develop? Wuliangye as the vane of the liquor industry, in the face of the liquor market from the government market to the commercial market, the individual consumer market, will make what kind of change? October 13th morning, the daily economic news reporter in 2016 China (Sichuan) e-commerce development summit site exclusive interview to Wuliangye group chairman Tang bridge. Tang Bridge said, now the country’s annual consumption of liquor has been more determined, high-end liquor is also in the appearance of 30 thousand tons. The current market segmentation is more clear, the market changes to give us a lot of pressure, we have to adapt to the market." Talk, don Qiaomeng smoked a cigarette, "there is no way to do." He refers to the adaptation, including, with the liquor needs to individual consumption, etc., with the help of the Internet to connect consumers. "This year’s liquor market in the liquor industry has bottomed out, especially high-end liquor frequent price boom, which Wuliangye has two price hike. In March 26th, Wuliangye will have five ex factory price is 659 yuan to 679 yuan, and canceled a subsidy of 30 yuan per bottle. At the end of August, Wuliangye once again announced that since September 15th five ex factory price increase 60 yuan to recover to 739 yuan a bottle, at the same time, the Wuliangye 1618 series, Wuliangye alcohol and other products will also be issued according to the market situation of supply and demand price adjustment measures. The liquor industry "golden ten years" ended abruptly in 2012, the industry into the winter. Industry has been adjusted for four years, the industry has recently appeared weak recovery voice. P Five raised to 739 yuan a bottle, has exceeded the historical high, is undoubtedly inject a booster to the liquor industry. The second half of this year, with Moutai and Wuliangye as the representative of the high-end wine prices. So, this wave of price increases there is no more stamina? Tang Bridge judgment, it should be said that the high-end liquor (future) price space is not great, the price of the first line of the brand there is room for price increases, second line, three line brand price space is not great." As for whether the industry bottomed out, it should be said to have bottomed out." At present the liquor consumption patterns, had not the year of the "golden ten years" scene, the liquor business Pinqiang "main battlefield" from the previous Official business expenses mainly had already turned to the business market and the consumer market, the market segmentation is relatively clear, at present in the consumer market, the business market is relatively stable." Tang Bridge said. Tang Bridge admits that the consumption environment changes to the wine enterprises a lot of pressure, but then he said, "we want to develop personal consumption, to adapt to the market," Internet plus "is part of the market to us." "Wuliangye is Internet plus recruits for the consumer market, said Tang bridge,;相关的主题文章: