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Wuda "Transformers" building with 16 years is removed at the early stage of construction has been questioned (Figure) Wuda "Transformers" teaching building at 10 days of blasting demolition of the original title: Wuda "Transformers" why buildings demolished in September 10th, Wuhan University’s official website announced that the first floor of the Teaching Department of Wuhan University in 10, demolished at 0:33 in the morning. The official said the teaching building is a part of East Lake road engineering environmental remediation, demolition for restoration of the South Bank of East Lake along the Luojiashan beautiful natural mountain line, the site will be re designed and built a new teaching building group. Wuda "Transformers" teaching building is only used for 16 years by 10 am, the first floor with teaching faculty of Engineering Wuhan University. According to the video display, in just a few seconds, then the whole building collapsed forward, jumping scene a smoke. The teaching building is known as "Transformers" because it looks like it". According to the official website describes the building of Wuhan University, 1997 by the Wuhan water conservancy and electric power university construction, put into use in June 2000, is a product to the height space "concept of the century". Beijing Youth Daily reporter Zhao Chinese seen online teaching building prior to the merger of Wuhan University Wuhan water conservancy and electric power university built the main teaching building, 20 floors, 88.3 meters high, an area of 38 thousand and 500 square meters, has been used for 16 years. School of civil engineering Wuhan University official WeChat has published the article said, the project was designed by the architectural design and Research Institute of South China University of Technology, the original Wu water unit in charge of Ministry of water conservancy and electric power (now the Ministry of water resources and the national grid) completed one hundred million yuan investment. In July 1st, China adopted the tender notice posted online show that the demolition of the teaching building funds for 13 million yuan. The school said that the demolition of the building height and the height of the building does not meet the approval of the Ministry of housing in 2011 approved the "Wuhan East Lake scenic area master plan (2011-2025)". According to East Lake along the South (Wuhan University section) environmental remediation project headquarters responsible for the Department of the first teaching building of the teaching and scientific research units have been in blasting all before the relocation, does not affect the normal teaching order. And the overall planning of East Lake does not match the 19 layer highly criticized by the BYD reporter contacted Huazhong University of Science and Technology School of mechanics and civil engineering professor Zhao Xianyao retired, Zhao Xianyao has been paying close attention to the progress of the matter, and has repeatedly to the class teaching upstairs. He said to reporters BYD, demolition of the teaching building of the background is the overall planning of East Lake scenic area, the planning area there are part of the Wuhan University construction land, there is a requirement of the surrounding buildings of Wuhan University. Before Wuhan proposed to build East Lake greenway, to build the East Lake tunnel, in the context of a remediation plan along the line." July 7, 2011, "Wuhan East Lake scenic area master plan (2011-2025)" was officially approved by the state council. This plan is a comprehensive revision of the overall planning of East Lake in September 1993 following the completion of the first time after the preparation. The city construction planning requirements, to fully consider the East Lake’s natural landscape features, landscape spatial structure and not the destruction of East Lake to strictly control the scale, lake and other areas of the building height, volume, color, echoing with the natural mountain line. For non compliance.相关的主题文章: