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Interior-Decorating At one time, wrought iron was used to adorn the castles of Kings and Queens in royal elegance as well as being used for a variety of outdoor items. Wrought iron is a pleasantly enduring material that has many uses. You can choose from some lovely patterns of wrought iron for your window treatments, such as wrought iron curtain rods, drapery rods and drapery hardware to create a sturdy and rustically beautiful ambiance in any. The addition of wrought iron curtain rods can add a bit of drama to a classic country home. If contemporary is more your style, wrought iron drapery hardware and rods can make your home more inviting. Regardless of style, wrought iron adds a touch of class. Most often wrought iron curtain rods and wrought iron drapery hardware is made of brown, black and metallic with .plimentary decorative knobs, which are delicately impressed with designs. There are many interesting and decorative designs and styles from which to choose in wrought iron drapery hardware and wrought iron curtain rods, although they .e in limited colors. These few colors of wrought iron curtain rods and drapery hardware offer a .plimentary contrast to the surface of your walls, as well as the curtain materials. This is because of the way that wrought iron drapery hardware and wrought iron curtain rods are designed, as it permits other colors to show through their .plex details. Wrought iron curtain rods, drapery rods and drapery hardware .e in many enchanting designs, such as animal, plant and even star motifs. Which means you can match them with just about any other type of home decor and even .pliment an on going appearance in decoration. When deciding on a curtain rod design, you may be surprised at the abundance of choice. Double, as well as standard rods are .mon. Drapery hardware such as tie backs, curtain shelf brackets, curtain rings and others may add to a decision dilemma. To help you decide, picture your wall coloring and texture. What look are you going for? Dramatic or more subdued? Drapery hardware size is another major factor. Again decide if you are aiming for a "statement" or a more cohesive blend? Once you get home, hold your items against the wall and window you want to cover. If you are at all unhappy, or course return them and try again! They offer ease of installment while they are long lasting in their lifespan. Keep in mind that the thicker the wrought iron curtain rod the heavier it is in weight and they will require a strong wall for hanging your window treatment as well as the proper strength in the support brackets and their attachments. While installing them you must also bear in mind the weight of the curtains that will hang from your wrought iron curtain rods, so you must choose wisely. To keep them looking nice and clean, you can simply wipe your wrought iron off with a slightly damp cloth. Many different types of accessories available to .pliment your wrought iron curtain rods and drapery hardware. For instance, you might like to add wrought iron towel rings to the walls of your bathroom or kitchen. Wrought iron candle holders, plants stands and interesting silhouettes add a rustic charm as any accessory or even the use of wrought iron furniture can .plete a look in home decor. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: