World Cup reminder Sweden nearly 5 home court only 1 wins in attack

World Cup reminder: prediction of Sweden nearly 5 home court only 1 wins the primary attack attack weak European football: Sweden vs Bulgaria start time: analysis of 2016-10-11 02:45:00 hunting ball: FUN88 1.46 4 6.80 FUN88: first for the instant: 1.50 4.10 6 Sweden Sweden? A world cup at Luxemburg, although the team in the scene the dominant, but the offensive ability to grasp the poor first half wasted more shot after failing to score in the second half the team to strengthen the midfield ball, and seize the opportunity to break the final 1:0 victory over the opponent. Sweden? Hard won the first World Cup victory, ending the race for 4 fights of the current predicament, and Holland, France with 4 points in the third A group, have a greater promotion team hope that effectively enhance morale. Sweden? At the end of the year the European Cup performance is not satisfactory, has the world’s striker Ibrahimovic case failed to qualify in the group phase, sadly out front PA Ibrahimovic also announced its withdrawal from the national team, the team in the new old alternate period of turmoil. The Swedish coach Andersson? What is needed to solve problems or leave the attacking Ibrahimovic after the striker Berg and Wedt strike which does not seem to be out a threat. Bulgaria? Bulgaria a World Cup qualifier away in France, although the team won a penalty and the opening 6 minutes ahead, but suppressed in the scene, the final 1:4 defeat and back. After the battle of Bulgaria? Alive preliminaries tough to beat underdog Luxemburg suffered a reversal defeat, the player will inevitably be the influence of emotion and morale drop, the stranger rivals Sweden fear belongs to the inferior party. Bulgaria? Past 3 consecutive away all lost, and every battle at least 4 goals, reflects the team having a weak state, defensive end for fear of lack of confidence in the performance. Bulgaria? The tactics are more open, past the Match 12 games are not draw, poor performance and formal competition team, against the strength to their opponents win. Data from the Hunter: Sweden Sweden in the last 10 games of the big ball rate of 30%, win the disk rate of 30%. Nearly 5 home games in Sweden, only a total of 1 wins, the big ball rate of 20%, winning the disk rate of 40%. Bulgaria Bulgaria in the last 10 games of the big ball rate of 50%, winning the disk rate of 40%. Bulgaria nearly 5 away recorded a record of 2 wins and 3 losses, the big ball rate of 60%, winning disk rate of 40%. (Editor: the Hunter)相关的主题文章: