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"Wong Kar Wai" the ferryman mothers praise than Andy Lau baby: "the ferryman" spell cast attended the conference ifeng.com entertainment news (by October 23rd, Phoeny) produced by Wong Kar Wai, directed by Zhang Jiajia’s film "the ferryman" held in Beijing the first comedy Carnival day conference, Wong Kar Wai, Zhang Jiajia, Kaneshiro Takeshi, Eason Chan and starring Tony Leung Angelababy, Rongrong Zhang, Xiong Dailin, Ma Su, cuckoo, Dapeng, Cui Zhijia and Jia Ling appeared together. The scene, Wong Kar Wai tells his answering questions, why choose "the ferryman" took a fancy Zhang Jiajia, more like baby is seen most fight actors, while Tony Leung also broke his first speaking in the national dialogue, the sweep of Cannes, Kinmen and Matsu, film actor "God" actor also challenged Wong Kar Wai laugh on his face every muscle can mobilize, is "the tongue is not ok". Kaneshiro Takeshi, Eason Chan, AB in the film starred Xiong Dailin was the God of subversion, hit a dozen slap in the face, Ma Su played the male god Tony Leung face, Cui Zhijia became "kissed Tony Leung" man, people can not help wondering, how does this movie? You are the creator studio frequency burst Mengliao constantly, and fun, the scene baby pregnant belly block not live, Tony Leung is more intimate helped her down the steps. The actor also stumped? Wong Kar Wai Tony Leung: "your tongue Taihang" did not play the comedy of Tony Leung for many years, the "people" in the ferry but as a style slightly pompous ferryman Chen end, and exposed the role of the poster, he is the head hanging on the grass, a change in the image of the past. Wong Kar Wai and Tony Leung gold partner and I myself said that the image of subversion is not a problem, the language has become a major obstacle to the development of the market, but not the problem. Director Zhang Jiajia also praised "Tony Leung is such an actor, you ask for a flower, he will give you the spring", but the language is probably the biggest obstacle but. This is the first time Tony Leung all spoke Mandarin lines, not only multi lines, more importantly, Zhang Jiajia changed the more than and 100 draft of the script, each time the lines. Well, second days to set and change the lines, which have swept Cannes, Kinmen and Matsu, an actor he felt challenged. The film has a "love is guilty of two lines, Tony Leung always speak out, the scene was asked to speak this sentence Tony Leung only" black ":" still don’t". But Wong Kar Wai is ridicule him: "for so many years, his words also boast boast over, can be said to be a god class actor, basically every muscle can be mobilized, the tongue is not ok." Zhang Jiajia wants to tell Wong Kar Wai’s story in the way of Stephen Chow? Wong Kar Wai: can I help you "the ferryman" notice came out, attracted a lot of discussion, why many fans curious Wong Kar Wai would choose this comedy producer? Wong Kar Wai and Zhang Jiajia are at the scene to answer this question. Originally, Wong Kar Wai saw "the ferryman" of the story in the first, it is love, so he found Zhang Jiajia, asked him: "do you love what movie?" Zhang Jiajia replied: "ashes of time" and the "Westward Journey"." Wong Kar Wai then asked: "what do you really want to do" ashes of time ", or" Westward Journey "?" Zhang Jiajia recalled from the scene.相关的主题文章: