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Withdrawal of Ningbo Jiangdong District under the jurisdiction of Yinzhou Fenghua city into the Fenghua District yesterday afternoon, held in Ningbo City, the administrative division adjustment work mobilization meeting. Zhejiang provincial Party Standing Committee, Secretary of the Ningbo Municipal Committee, acting mayor Tang Yijun stressed that the city’s various departments at all levels to promote the adjustment of administrative divisions to the highest standards, the most practical style, the best effect, make it become the booster of Ningbo city expansion upgrade, become the development of new energy, agglomeration Houzhi new advantages for the development of new engines, create brilliant new the development of. Revocation of Jiangdong District, county-level Fenghua city Fenghua District into the scene, director of Zhejiang provincial Civil Affairs Department of Shang Qing read the provincial government "on the adjustment of Ningbo City, part of the administrative divisions of the notice", specifically: one is to revoke the Jiangdong District of Ningbo City, the administrative area of the original Jiangdong District under the jurisdiction of Ningbo city under the jurisdiction of Yinzhou District; the two is. Town, Ningbo city in Yinzhou District ancient town, Gaoqiao Town, Hengjie Town, Yinjiang Town, Dong Qiao Zhen, Zhang Shui Zhen Long Guan Xiang, Haishu District, Shiqi streets under the jurisdiction of Ningbo city; the three is to remove the county of Fenghua City, the establishment of the Fenghua District of Ningbo City, the original county-level administrative region of Fenghua city is the administrative region Fenghua District, the district government in Jinping street Jinping Road No. 1. This is a major event in the history of the development of Ningbo city on the adjustment of administrative divisions is an important event in the development history of Ningbo City, must unify their thinking, build consensus, dedicated to this event." Tang Yijun requested at the meeting, all departments at all levels from a strategic and overall perspective, a profound understanding of the adjustment of administrative division is to represent the general trend, the popular sentiment, is to enhance the city development level, optimizing the productivity of city layout, an urgent need to promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, is fully staffed, in one fell swoop win big thing, practical thinking and action into the the provincial government and the municipal Party committee, municipal government’s decision to deploy up. Tang Yi Jun stressed that the adjustment of administrative division is a major reform and perfect management system, must be balanced and comprehensive plan to stabilize hoof walked quickly, effectively and orderly, to ensure that the work of solid and effective promotion. Departments at all levels to grasp the overall situation in the relationship between the broken and the establishment of reform and improve the existing administrative system, innovative resource allocation mechanism, comprehensively improve the level of urban governance system and governance capacity modernization. In the policy co-ordination to properly handle the relationship between new and old, grasp the opportunity and discretion, taking into account the concerns of all parties and interests. In the work to promote the relationship between fast and stable, up and down linkage, interaction, collaboration, work together to grasp this event. Tang Yijun pointed out that the adjustment of administrative division is a major challenge to play political cadres at all levels, must take responsibility, mind the overall situation, show a good image of Ningbo cadres. Departments at all levels, especially leading cadres at all levels should strengthen political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, to support the adjustment of administrative divisions, so that idea is not scattered, not disorderly, work order. Since the reform and opening up – link Ningbo experienced several rounds of adjustment of administrative divisions? Since the reform and opening up, Ningbo has experienced a four round of adjustment of administrative divisions: the first round in 1982, the implementation of shiguanxiantizhi; the second round is from 1984 to 1988, to carry out a number of county level administrative division adjustment; the third is from 1992 to 1993, the city’s.相关的主题文章: