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Winter, should eat so cross! This is your energy supply station – Sohu and the time is not tight not walk into November, in addition to start a double eleven years of good, but also for the coming winter cold storage energy. Go to your city and find your energy supply station! This issue of Sohu food "food between the road" column, we recommend delicious and contains a wealth of energy in the restaurant, go to refuel! A native of Dezhou, the American barbecue home American barbecue is the capital a traditional American style barbecue restaurant in Beijing catering industry become an independent school wild ornament, inspired by American barbecue blocks, blend of traditional and modern design of the United States, brick and cement to build a new dining space, can be seen everywhere in the fruit, it is smoked one of the tools used by the roast. Small and exquisite outdoor space is full of beautiful foliage so if you stay in the countryside yard. There are many kinds of American barbecue, each of which has a different barbecue culture. Dezhou barbecue in the history of the United States has a long history of more than 200 years of culture, but also the impact of the United States in 7 countries barbecue culture. The continuation of the United States home American barbecue in Texas District of traditional barbecue smoked, baked raw materials selected for the whole pig, beef brisket, chicken meat and sausage. Used in the restaurant are Australia imported beef, pork imports for the United States, after 10 hours of exclusive boil barbecue barbecue sauce recipe with American succulent, to restore the most simple and most diners classic American barbecue taste. Recommended dishes: barbecue, shredded pork hamburger assorted cold dishes, roast beef and shredded meat, the traditional version of chest burgers, grilled chicken, home, Old Fashioned laodiao, hurricane Marie, maple leaf, smoked blood Sangria home American barbecue: 130 yuan per capita Business Hours: Address: Beijing, No. 35 Xiaoyun Road, Chaoyang District Institute of ocean Shinkansen the delicacy Street South Sanlitun Road No. 10 Beijing Electromechanical institute 1 floor two, eating Bavaria roast pig elbow with friends drinking with winter preferred fat pork, Noriyoshi brewery this western style full of the restaurant, it is rich in skin Jiaocui, meat and rotten pork big place. The chef in the choice of materials is extremely harsh, never buy semi-finished products on the market. Bavaria roast pork imported Metro supermarket fresh pig elbow, each at about 3 and a half pounds, after 6 hours of pickling, baking, the final presentation in front of the guests. Eat the most important is the mood, let the mood the most pleasant way to meet friends and family, drinking. Although the brewery is western style dishes, but unlike traditional Western-style food as formal, overall dining style extremely simple and easy, is a good choice of friends. There are hundreds of beer flavor, whether it is pure German beer, or Belgium Beer Brewery to the myriads of changes, Noriyoshi will find suitable for their own taste. DEGAS Noriyoshi brewery added stores: 90 yuan per capita Business Hours: 11:00-02:00 address: Beijing Chaoyang District City, No. 15 Xiaoyun road three, Sheng Bo temple Pork Chop thick cut from 1966 the first Bo temple in Tokyo?.相关的主题文章: