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Why most robots use female AI generation [editor’s note] apple Siri virtual assistant is a woman’s voice, the Microsoft Cortana is also a woman’s voice, why is there such a situation? Humans need a lot of things, such as love, trust, time, patience, care, guidance and support. In childhood, it usually comes from parents. But when we are adults, we will go to other places to find these things when our parents don’t spoil us any more. And now they’re in our pockets, in our speakers, and in our cars. They are the vocal robots that lead us through the day and night, and most of the time, they use the mother’s voice, not the voice of the father. So, what is the reason, let these robots use girls rather than boys? > > > > from the film’s female intelligence assistant, "you sound like a human, but you’re just a voice in the computer," in the 2013 movie "she", Theodore said to digital assistant Samantha. Jacu · Feinikesi (Joaquin Phoenix) as Theodore felt very much puzzled about this new robot friend. But at the end of the film, he has fallen in love with her. "She" is the twenty-first Century romantic story: the boy met the AI girl, they fell in love, and then the girl left him to explore the possibilities of survival. Samantha by Scarlett · (Scarlett Johansson) dubbing. She’s in Theodore’s operating system, you can’t see her. Theodore likes an assistant without any blood. Although Samantha has no body, but she has such a big attraction for the lonely man like Theodore. She was intelligent, creative, compassionate, and touched his heart, which was not done by others, including his ex-wife. She doesn’t have her own needs, nor does he ask for anything. She is a refined, idolized woman: submissive, calm and gentle. And she’s still in the real tools. The critics gave her an unusually high praise, and Johnson’s voice got a lot of praise. But for the audience, this is a very familiar scene: Samantha and today’s common robot sounds too much like. In fact, she is very similar to Apple Siri, Microsoft, such as digital assistant assistant. In the development of AI and digital equipment, women’s characteristics have been playing an important role. > > > > the use of female robots everywhere we look at the history of robot girl: in 1878, Elmar · nat (Emma Nutt) to become the world’s first female telephone operator. A film about the history of the PBS documentary telephone said that the company used to employ male employees to wiring, but they not only each other between words is so rude to customers, so companies with female operator to replace them. Female courtesy, very suitable as)相关的主题文章: