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Why is Hadadi so popular? This man always has a way to tease you him: I don’t know what to do, hey sina sports CBA new season opener, the Sichuan team in the final 110 to 89 victory over Beikong team, harvest opener. The game, Hadadi played 26 minutes and 12 seconds, contributing 12 points, 13 rebounds and 4 assists. Looks his edge than taking only 39 points of Harris, but do not forget, the data is misleading, especially for him even more so. He always used his way to attract your attention, to give the opponent a fatal blow, this is the reason he is so popular in the CBA. As the defending champion, is the home court, the Sichuan team would win. But the fact is that team can not Beikong soy sauce, the first day most of the time, the two sides There is an exchange of calls. The end of this section, Hadadi go into battle. After all, he is just back soon, to coordinate and share the ball more. The only score from Liu Wei assists: when two people play high pick and roll, Liu Wei straight to kill the basket after throwing the ball into the air, Hadadi shot after the ball scored easily — homeopathy for their rich experience, such cooperation is simple, but for the Sichuan team, but was pleased. Deng Dortmund left, Liu Wei joined with Hadadi, he has never done after all teammates, want to be seamless, far harder than imagined much. But throughout the audience, Liu Wei and Wang enough to call, in the eyes of CCTV commentator in the eyes of the two, with the cooperation between the, as if the time to pull back to the past more than and 10 years, the glorious years. "Liu Wei and Hadadi at the moment, as if to see him (Liu Wei) and the shadow of the play of the ball," said the way, "said.". On the comprehensive ability, Hadadi, of course, less than Yao Ming, but since it can get the favor of NBA, of course, also has its own strong strength of the Hadadi. Hadadi has never been a scoring machine since he entered the fans’ eyes. The first half, he had 2 points, scored only 12 points. In the four season of CBA, he only scored on the 14-15 season. His role and value more in other aspects: rebounding, defense, coordination, check. This is not fully reflected in the data, which is an essential element of the basketball court. The time allocated back to the middle of the second quarter, Meng Da was a breakthrough in Beikong team of three players ready to compete for rebounds. But at this time, Hadadi in the slot in the blaze, lengshi in all the head off the rebound. "The habit of him is very good, always got the ball on the head, so that other people didn’t touch the ball," CCTV guest commentator Zhang Yunsong commented. Enough to ensure Hadadi had two rebounds, offensive team Sichuan more directly and efficiently; then the time back to third, when Harris come to rest, Zhang Chunjun became the main point of the field, he scored 8 points in two minutes. Then Zhang Chunjun again to storm, wrapped in the opponent, he with a flick of the wrist, give the ball near the free throw line the ambush in the hands of Hadadi, who easily hit the vote. The result of the goal looks very simple, but in Zhang)相关的主题文章: