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Why did Uber take the lead in driving? Because this is of vital importance Chinese station reported in September 30th on the construction of the Recode battle for the automatic driving vehicle network has quietly kicked off. Uber launched a limited test of automatic driving vehicle recently in Pittsburgh, which is part of it with car manufacturer Volvo cooperation. Singapore auto pilot car company nuTonomy is in front of it to grab the initiative to launch a limited test of the car, and Southeast Asia taxi giant Grab signed a cooperation agreement. The news is encouraging, and the automatic driving car is really around us But in fact, these limited tests are actually nothing. The real test of the feasibility of automatic driving technology will not come until the first launch of the official operation of the automatic driving vehicle network. For any company is to build a self driving car network, launched the first formal operation of the vehicle network automatic driving will give them a huge advantage, but for Uber, this is not an advantage so simple, but it is of vital importance. Uber’s valuation has been as high as $70 billion, so it is under more pressure than other competitors. As Uber CEO Travis · Karan Nick (Travis Kalanick) in an interview with Bloomberg said: "basically, the car of vital importance in relation to our autopilot development." This is because, if to launch its own vehicle network automatically when driving fell behind the others, so the market share of Uber is dangerous, and it get more market share in the order, but has spent a lot of time and money. If there is not much market share, Uber may not be able to provide the company’s supporters satisfied with the return on investment. If there is no return on investment and business size, Uber may not be able to maintain the current level of valuation. The key to efficient operation of a taxi service is to have enough drivers to meet the needs of passengers. If rivals such as Lyft launched 100 self driving cars in a city, as part of a Uber spent a lot of time and money to fight for market share will be lured away. Automatic driving a car one day can easily receive 100 single business or one hour and 4 received a single business, and the Uber driver per hour can only receive 1 to 2 single business, and one day can work for 12 hours. Fully prepared to, a Uber driver one day most can only receive 24 single business. This means that 100 Uber drivers receive a maximum of one single day of business, and the day of the 100 cars can easily receive nearly 10 thousand single car business. This is just a rough calculation and comparison, without taking into account the fact that Uber can’t tell drivers how long they have to travel. In fact, Uber in the promotion of its services with particular emphasis on the driver’s working time is very flexible. According to a Uber tune.相关的主题文章: