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Why can’t you stand him? The article from the WeChat public number: heart to help you actually do not distinguish between Liang Bing and his girlfriend is inconsistent, because she always love to be late. If you ask him he has no experience of being late, he insisted that "never". And when he put half the night in the past six months he was late for an appointment each time through a list, he found himself almost always late. Although he was still angry with his girlfriend for his late behavior, he realized that he did not make any difference to her. He was just making excuses for being late. Prior to this, he refused to admit any rude behavior, the results of the "trait into rude" shadow. Liang Bing felt that he was a responsible, caring people, but to find a girlfriend who is often late, which is an example of the phenomenon of projection. To suppress certain qualities, will exhibit these characteristics to attract people into our lives, and this is the so-called "Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together..". Do not admit that they have some of the characteristics of human defense instinct. If you refuse to admit some negative traits, at least can admit that they are "stubborn" traits, such as you can with your stubborn peace, naturally easy to accept yourself other negative traits. Put your pain into wisdom makes it difficult to accept the character, usually with others hurt or wronged us experience. We always used to blame others for problems, rather than a cause in their own. Just imagine if they didn’t hurt you, would you miss some of the opportunities in your life? If you hate them because of their own life, hinders the realization of dreams? Pain past is experience and lesson, but it’s not an excuse to escape from reality. If you can realize that those people who hurt you the features also exist in your body, naturally you can get. If you are difficult to get rid of the pain of the past, the pain will be a burden on you, you get overwhelmed. Sun Lu’s disease has reached the advanced stage of gastric cancer, and there is no hope of survival. She hated her mother very much, because my mother always beat her, let her miserable. She tried a lot of ways, but can not improve the relationship with the mother. One day she went to the psychological counseling room, the consultant gave her a practice: the list of the five most difficult to accept their own characteristics, said loudly, "I am a XX person," repeated to this sentence did not feel so far. When she saw the word crazy, she said, as long as the thought of "Crazy" with their connection was sick, she couldn’t get the "I am a madman" this saying. She didn’t want to say it, because it was her greatest fear, the heaviest burden on her shoulders. It was not until she came back home, she took a hot bath, and she repeated the sentence for hours before she finally accepted it. A few months later, she said, in the past, as long as I think of my mother, the heart will be filled with disgust and tension. Now my mother’s bias for all melt away I forgive myself, of his injury)相关的主题文章: