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Sports-and-Recreation Every year new electric bikes are introduced which have improved features including better motors, more powerful batteries and lighter frames, but one innovation in the market which has really taken off is folding electric bikes, which not only provide all the benefits of electric assistance, but also allows you to fold the bike up so it can be carried around or taken on public transport, which is why it has be.e a highly popular choice with city .muters. The Benefits Of A Folding Electric Bike There are now many types of folding electric bikes available, most in models which have long been popular with regular cyclists. Mountain bikes and Dutch style bikes are be.ing .mon now, each with their own intended users. For people who are .muting, the best option is the folding electric bike because it has features which make it ideal for this purpose. Easy to fold away and store This is the main feature of the bike which sets it apart from other electric bikes, allowing you to take it anywhere you want without worrying about it being stolen. The its clever folding mechanism is kept simple so it can be done in just a few seconds, with the bike then folding into a size which you can carry with one hand and will easily fit under your desk, onto public transport or in to boot of your car. Lighter & easier to move around To ensure the folding electric bike can be carried easily, the frame has to be made as light as possible. This also helps you cycle faster with less resistance as the power is not wasted trying to move a heavy frame around. This means you can get better acceleration and faster top speeds if you want to, which is perfect for days when youre running a bit late. Low centre of gravity and smaller wheels This is another design feature which makes the bike perfect for short use in the city and people who want to travel at lower speeds. The low frame means the centre of gravity is also low, which lowers the risk of tipping sideways and the smaller sized wheels mean the bike is more stable and provides much better manoeuvrability, which is vital when youre travelling through the city during rush hour. Folding Electric Bikes Available At The Electric Bike Store The Electric Bike Store are a .pany who find and sell the best electric bikes available, having tested models from all of the worlds leading manufacturers. They have a full range to choose from including mountain bikes, Dutch style bikes and a clever folding electric bike called the Volt Metro, which includes a powerful 250 watt motor, lithium polymer batteries and 8 speed gears plus an LCD screen just like the other bikes from the range. Every electric bike they supply .es with a free two year warranty, if you would like to try any of their bikes for free then book a test ride at one of their test centres where one of their expert staff will be happy to answer any of your questions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: