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Whether or not to send children to study abroad? Original title: Rao Yi: in the end you want to send children to study abroad? Author: Rao Yi source: the number of public intellectuals today, some parents consider two questions, one is the introduction of Western or in the child’s education, two is to some of the children to the west to carry out education, such as the United States or the United Kingdom to accept school education. These problems are related to the differences between China and the United states. Age is too small to go abroad to study I do not advocate domestic parents send pupils, middle school students to study abroad. The main reason is that the growth of a child and family relationships, and family members are closely related to the degree of intimacy, and family separation will have a great impact on his life. I’ve seen an extreme example. I taught at the University of Washington in the United States at the beginning, had a son of a China diplomat there, when he was small compared to the United States and the influence of his loneliness unaccompanied, cannot be excluded. He was later ill, not academic problems, to return home to commit suicide. Taking into account the warmth of the family is very important to the child’s life. Parents can not be affected by the loneliness does not mean that the child can be, everyone is different. In addition, of course, to consider the way of education. Education in the United States and China, of course, there are differences, but these differences can not be simply summarized as "the education of the United States is good for all children, China’s education for all children," and even in turn is not correct. At present, the graduate education in the United States is generally better than in China, but some institutions in China, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University and other colleges and universities, may also be good. As for some of the disciplines in the University, is the United States or China? May be a little better than the United States, but it is not particularly large, some of China’s colleges and universities are significantly better than some of the same disciplines of American education. But the primary and secondary education, the two countries are very different, but it is not simple who is good or bad. American primary and secondary schools in the United States, many primary schools in the United states. In fact, different teachers’ expertise is not the same, when he cross disciplinary teaching, will affect the teaching of some subjects. Generally speaking, teachers in American schools of mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and other science courses, as China — to emphasize that this comparison is based on the same district, two other schools on. In other words, China’s primary and secondary schools, science education is generally better than the United states. My son after a public middle school in North High School and Chicago school. He found in the Chicago public schools, north high school, here is far too, so he sometimes unwilling to class, it is not as good as their online learning, or read a book about yourself. He suspected that some American teachers are not understood about. For ordinary people, can China education mode for Science lay a good foundation, of course, it also has disadvantages — when your child is very poor when science, liberal arts better, if forced him to learn science, he will feel very depressed, doubt that science is not bad means.相关的主题文章: