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A teacher when the vice president, why insist on from the original title: do not always say that the outflow of famous teachers is "Baiwenhang" Author: Zhang Qiuda source: Chinese Youth Daily in backward areas of excellent teachers education on the output loss, damage, needless to say, so Li Lei teacher in "how to make the backward areas" the excellent teacher does not drain (see "China Youth Daily" in October 10th 10 Edition) the worry is not redundant. With the increase in the pace of collectivization of primary and secondary schools, the territory continues to expand, the need for a large number of famous teachers to join. These schools with the support of the local government, but also have sufficient financial support, supplemented by a flexible employment mechanism, resulting in a powerful siphon effect, a time to gather teachers. Outflow of outstanding teachers in the backward areas will be intensified, not outflow has become a false proposition. However, Li Lei in the famous teacher teacher outflow of main reasons, due to the outflow of teachers are attracted by the outside unit of preferential treatment, that is the education management has not really find the crux of the outflow. The author believes that Li Lei was confused by the appearance of the phenomenon, there are many deep-seated factors behind the lack of rational reflection, prescription naturally open the wrong way. Imagine a teacher not to leave the hometown, a new environment, need a lot of determination. Choose to leave because of the environment means achieve success and win recognition, past achievements, honor zero, need to recruit gesture afresh, participate in the competition; you need a lot of courage, choose to leave because of social acquaintances, means that may be encountered family migration, children’s school, real estate deal and other thorny issues, go into another unknown way of life. Therefore, a teacher to leave his school, leaving home, will not only be attracted by the treatment, there may be unknown behind, and even unfavorable factors of foreign humanity. The factors behind it may be a deciding factor. These factors may be the factors of the individual family; it may also be the factors of the school environment, even the local cultural ecology and social atmosphere. As far as I know, there was a young teacher, to participating senior secondary school teachers. According to the vocational assessment documents, as the evaluating conditions of personal honor, until August 31st of that year. On the same day, she received a provincial award publicity end. In the school in the process of recommendation, she proposed, this honor is not participating, but can write summary material, but is responsible for vocational assessment leadership answer: as long as I am responsible for vocational assessment, will not agree with you in writing materials. Finally, the teacher went all the way, access to qualifications, but due to the employment quota restrictions can not be hired. After a school around the city that was, to extend an olive branch to her, promised to file reconstruction, senior title was hired, children attend school optional. The teacher chose to quit, at the beginning of the new school, she works very hard, work done fast. The teacher’s outflow, we can blindly accuse her? There was also a teacher named after class teacher, was appointed as vice president, but the appointment of more than a year after he jumped to the field of a little-known science Hao相关的主题文章: