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What type of ambry mesa is the most environmental protection? Ambry structure and the food that we come in contact most closely, it is ambry mesa. The durability of the table and anti-bacterial directly affect our daily kitchen life, more and more consumers began to pay attention to the environmental and health issues on the table. So, in the end what kind of table is more environmentally friendly?. ? 1, the natural texture of natural marble, but there are cracks in the defect, prone to rupture? Natural marble has a variety of beautiful texture, but it is a natural crack, will be used after a long time after the break. In the daily cleaning, it is inevitable that there will be some residue with the wiping of the rag permanently fill the cracks, become a hotbed of bacteria breeding. Can not be ignored, natural stone more or less there will be some radiation, may be harmful to human health. ?? 2, the environmental protection index.?? Granite antibacterial natural good material properties?? density weakened dirt hidden worries?? as a traditional cabinet countertop materials, granite, high density, high hardness, wear-resistant surface is reduced, which can shelter evil people and countenance evil practices to a certain extent. The better antibacterial properties, the results show that, in all the materials used in the kitchen table, the anti bacterial regeneration ability of granite is better. The limitations of natural materials???? the length of natural stone is usually not long, so in order to make a long pass the whole table, it will certainly be joints, these joints also easy to hide dirt. If you are very fond of natural materials, it is an ideal choice to have a strong antibacterial ability of granite, but pay special attention to the seam level of construction workers. ??. the environmental protection index.?? 3, the best performance of antibacterial stainless steel?? good antibacterial performance?? test shows that at present all the materials used for kitchen countertops, anti bacteria regeneration ability of stainless steel ranked first. The appearance of the stainless steel surface is very avant-garde, and the shiny, not dirty. But once the table was scratched marks would be left unable to reply, but also easy to hide dirt these fine scratches, usually wipe the surface must be careful. ?? The environmental index assumes?? 4, fireproof plate section joints not heal?? for low density board?? the domestic for the manufacture of fireproof board material for low density board, in the use of performance and environmental protection can not provide effective guarantee. ?? Seamless difficult?? fireproof board and natural stone as there are restrictions on the length, the cross section area of the joint is difficult, regardless of adhesion with silicone caulking or metal bar, can achieve a perfect seamless whole. These gaps are " of bacterial contamination; ". The environmental protection index.???? 5, easy to clean ceramic tile is not easy to break through the cold heat???? for the cabinet table and wall tiles have the same physical characteristics, although very durable, but it is easily broken under the impact of heavy objects, and hot or cold in the long period of the object above can be damaged. There will be a gap in the mosaic tiles? Even seamless tiles, will also be in the-相关的主题文章: