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What financial media fusion   radio and television agencies – the media – each one airs his own views people.com.cn original title: what financial media fusion? Under the general trend, the integration of radio and television media in the end how to melt? In August 23rd, the twenty-fifth Beijing International Exhibition (BIRTV2016) radio film and television theme report, from the National Radio and television organizations responsible people gathered around to accelerate the integration and development of radio and television media and new media, combined with their own actual, in-depth exchanges and explore the moment. Seize the positioning program content innovation "at present, the rapid rise of new media such as mobile Internet, has sparked media pattern adjustment, the media should first show itself in content efforts, combined with the program positioning, innovative program content, so as to retain the audience and attract new audiences." Lv Jianjie, deputy general manager of China Radio and television network Co., Ltd., for the radio and television industry, the fine operation of the content of the program is to improve the quality of radio and television program production quality, to attract the audience an effective channel. Whether broadcast or television, are rich in content to attract the audience. The new media and the Milky Way Internet TV General Manager, CNR network president Tao Lei said, for the broadcasting industry, is the voice of radio features, the radio stations should take the sound as the protagonist to create the corresponding topics. For example, the Central People’s broadcasting station made by "cultural memory" we launched the passing season, season and craftsmen dialect names season more than 50 groups reported that will bring a series of auditory feast for the audience with rich natural sound elements, received praise from the audience. Construction of cloud platform open and effective cooperation has been the channel as a channel for the distribution of radio and television industry and the existence of a single function. "We need to vigorously promote the construction of media broadcast platform, cloud services cloud platform, cloud media platform, to further accelerate the integration of the development of radio and television media and new media, full speed up the system construction, especially to speed up the construction of cloud broadcast radio and television media fusion." Chief engineer of China Radio international. Similarly, Tao Lei also believes that it should build a cloud platform to promote technical support for the integration of radio and television media industry development. In fact, the Central People’s broadcasting station has achieved wide sharing between various branches of broadcasting industry news and information, and realized from the selection, arrangement of three links through peer review, Taiwan resources, core advantage of strengthening original production of news content, news gathering process reengineering, has opened CCTV and local TV membership account 2337, have reported questions 62663. It can be said that the launch of the independent development of radio and television media broadcast news system, cloud platform system, that is in the full integration of radio and television technology and computer technology, digital and network has become a major trend in the development of the broadcasting industry. In the opinion of Liu Yunjie China Academy of engineering, in the face of "Internet plus", the development of the Internet industry, the broadcasting industry not only to establish the content within the industry and the media cooperation, but also to break the limitations of active joint innovation expansion and operators, equipment manufacturers, service providers, a breakthrough in the network core technology. Adapt to new features相关的主题文章: