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College-University Indian Institute of Management (IIMs) follow a two stage selection process the CAT exam and writing ability test followed by personal interview. Students are shortlisted for second round on various factors such as CAT score, 10th and 12th marks, reservation category and work experience. Those who prepare well for the exam and have good academic background can easily get shortlisted by IIMs. For most MBA aspirants the second toughest hurdle is to clear the personal interview round. They often search on the Internet for previous year questions being asked by IIM panelists. The face-to-face interview session is not a mere admission selection criteria, its a kind of discussion that can go beyond your expectation. From history to politics and from music to poetry, IIMs go beyond obvious while interviewing a candidate. It can be a though-provoking discussion between experienced professors and you or a funny session to judge your sense of humour or presence of mind. To put it simply, here are the things that are judged when IIM panel members interview a candidate for their MBA programmes: Know your interest & subjects very well: If youre a recent graduate, panelists will check how well youre versed with your subjects. Your knowledge about your subjects will help them to make decision whether they want to see you in their classroom or not. If youve prior work experience, and say you would like to join a finance .pany after .pleting MBA, be ready to get questions from the finance sector. Panelists will see how well you know about the finance industry if youve experience in this field and thinking to pursue a career in the same industry. How do you .municate? Saying correctly (fluency, vocabulary and grammar skills) is not enough in the personal interview round. You should mean it if youre saying something. If youre expressing your idea on particular topic, your body language, volume, tone and eye contact should also express in the same way. Show your true personality: Why do you want to do MBA? Tell us something about yourself. Generally, many interviewers start the session with these two questions. It may seem to be easy questions, but hold deeper meaning as far as your personality is concerned. Give valid reasons why you want to do MBA. Just be true to yourself and to the panelists. Dont be confused about your future plans. Be clear and confident about what youre and what you want to achieve. Your reasons and logic behind each and every question about your personal decisions and characteristics will matter most in the interview process. Present actual credentials you possess, without faking anything! While your work experience may be the focus for one IIM, it can be your academic performance that is more relevant for another IIM. However, personal interview is an engaging conversation that should be enjoyed by you if only you want to get finally selected by your dream IIM. So, if youre preparing for the CAT 2015 exam or waiting for CAT result, make sure you follow these tips to crack the personal interview round at IIMs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: