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Coaching What’s a life coach? Also called a life skills coach, having a coach is essentially like having a personal trainer for your life. Often working by phone consultation, and more rarely, in person, personal coaches work to help you improve various areas of your personal and business life. Your coach may take on a number of functions, including career coach, small business coach, motivational, or relationship coach. The experience is very individual, and you can choose to work with your coach in whatever ways best suit your personality and desired results. At the most basic level, life coaches provide a certain amount of accountability in order to produce results. We tend to be much more willing to do those things that are required for success if someone is counting on us. Since you’re paying them for this service, you’ll be more inclined to perform. Often, life coaches bring certain special talent to the exercise. For example, David Wood is the coaches coach, and often works with other coaches to help them take their success to the next level. Most coaches are versatile, and can adjust style focus to some degree in order to produce results. Even if a coach has a particular specialty, they will often work with you on any level. While it’s a good idea to find a coach that specializes in what you’re looking for, personality and style are probably more important. Life coaching is a two way process, and is focused on change and results. Some people are just not results oriented. If you tend to resist change, and are not results oriented, you may not enjoy being coached. It’s no big secret that procrastination is a huge barrier to success. In order to over.e this, your coach will work with you on your motivation. You can make this more effective by choosing a coach that meshes with your personal style. For many people, one of their biggest weaknesses is motivation, or a lack of it. If you have this problem, you might want to work with an excellent motivator. For example, Todd Beeler is a well known coach and a master at motivation. The timing has to be right in order for you to seek out a coach. You’ll benefit most from coaching if you are… 1. Prepared to enhance your business or personal life. 2. Planning on making major changes in your life. 3. Ready to improve your job, start a businesses or take one to the next level, or enhance your relationships. 4. Recovering from a traumatic loss, such as a divorce, bankruptcy, or death in the family. 5. Ready to get rid of ineffective old habits in favor of new, better habits. Each coach has their own style, no matter what their specialty. Before you hire a life coach, you should contact a few potential candidates and see if you can work with them on a trial basis. It’s very important to find the coach that fits your needs, and sometimes a particular coaching style just won’t be right for you. One word of caution, though… you must be ready for this. Your life coach will challenge you to do things that you normally might not do. Why else would you pay them? After all, if you could do it yourself, you wouldn’t need a coach! You must .mit to this, and that means buying into the process. Are you ready for a huge change? Let’s hope so. It simply doesn’t make sense to invest in a coach if you don’t invest yourself in the coaching process. Getting the support of those closest to you is extremely important, as they will be most affected by your progress. If you’re ready to make a change, and willing to accept what the change brings, then using a life coach might be just right for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: