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Wenzhou a newborn with congenital anal atresia was abandoned after the death of cruel father because after the birth of a child was found to be suffering from congenital anal atresia, need at least 500 thousand yuan treatment fee, father cruel children to Wenzhou Ouhai Xianyan abandoned. Although some people found the child, and the times and the police, but unfortunately, the child died early in the day before. At present, the cruel father Tianmou suspicion of abandoned babies has been taken to the police according to law enforcement measures. In late November 1st 8, Ouhai Xianyan police station received a public warning, saying that there is a baby abandoned in Ouhai Xianyan Village Construction Bank estuary gate. After the alarm, police on duty rushed to the scene, and the blue baby wrapped in a quilt and found a piece of paper. According to the contents of the paper, the police learned that the baby was born at 22:56 on October 31st, suffering from congenital anal atresia. Because there is no clue to the family, that night, in order to allow the child to get better care, the police decided to transfer it to the local children’s Welfare Hospital for care. The next morning, the police according to the information on the paper, visited the surrounding hospitals. Through the visit, the police finally in a hospital in Ruian Tangxia got the children and families of the clues in the hospital inpatient department has found the child’s biological parents. In the face of police interrogation, the child’s father Tianmou account of abandoned children. After investigation, the 32 year old Tianmou, Dejiang County of Guizhou people. According to Tianmou account, the evening of October 31st, shortly after the birth of his child, the doctor told him that the child with a physical defect, congenital imperforate anus. At first, he did not think much of the relationship, but also with the children to the hospital to check the city, but did not expect the results of the examination that the child’s heart, lungs have an impact, the treatment costs at least 500 thousand yuan. Considering himself unable to pay the high cost of treatment, without telling his wife he will bring the child secretly to Ouhai Xianyan abandoned on the roadside. Tianmou’s behavior has violated the law, suspected of abandoned babies, but considering their home and two children to take care of the public security organs to Tianmou law to take coercive measures, the case is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: