Wells ditch pond has not yet found one by one to find 2 year old Xiao Yi Ching Tunchang trail-mentalist

A pond wells ditch one by one to find yet found 2 year old Xiao Yi Ching Tunchang small traces of Yi fine and my mother lost before. (families for map) October 27th morning 11 am, Tunchang County farm south Lu 3 team of 2 year old Wu Yiqing playing at home, but inexplicably disappeared Not the least trace was found. family worried. The reporter was informed that in late October 29th 7, the police sent a large number of police and police and other police work together to search for any news, there is still no Wu Kai. Some people say bad children fell well drowned in the online rumors, causing damage to Wu Yiqing’s family, I hope people don’t talk nonsense rumors. Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Wu Yuewen Wen / map A to find well drained climbing 3 dogs to help search did not find Iran clear on the evening of 29, Chang Nan Lu Station area south farm manager a Wei told reporters, Wu Kai to their family as the center, the search has been expanded to around 10 kilometers, but still no gain. Nan Lu farms surrounding mountains, mountain, lush trees, the snake also brings difficulty to search. The police and the cadres and workers and villagers regardless of danger, holding machetes climbing, hoping to find the broken Jing Zhanji, dawn. Therefore, many police and villagers were bitten by leeches. On the same day, the Hainan Provincial Public Security Bureau of Interpol Corps from Haikou brought 3 dogs involved in search of the current traces is not found. Wu Yiqing inexplicably missing, will not happen? Wu Yiqing home surrounding reservoirs, wells, ditch is the focus of search. On the morning of 9, Tunchang County public security fire pump will be near an abandoned wells pumped dry, busy until 1 in the afternoon, did not find the shadow of Wu Yiqing. B online there is rumour that Iran clear off wells really don’t wish to drown the online rumor said Wu Kai has been found, was drowned into wells. "Because there are rumors that found, leading to a lot of people didn’t spread my daughter lost in the news." Wu Yiqing’s mother said, these days, Tunchang County Public Security Bureau police station and farm were sent to help find the child, fire, police are out, people don’t want those rumors. Hope BaoBei Pinpin Ann Ann. "Thank you for all the people who care about us and help us!" "For this family, my husband and I leave the hometown to work in the field, looking forward to the Spring Festival and children back to their parents, I didn’t know that his daughter was lost. No matter what the cost, I have to find her daughter." Wu Yiqing’s mother cried. "Some people don’t want all the chaos. May the child come back safe and sound. Poor parents of the world, I hope my daughter back to her parents as soon as possible." Net friend stream said. C there are rumors stolen 3 children Tunchang false we don’t believe the reporter understands, Hainan friends circle of friends recently circulated "please all parents to pay attention to the goddamn wolf again, Tunchang County recently stolen 3 children…… There is a stranger just the child dizzy, but was found in time, the child was arrested two people arrested." The larger the amount of information forwarded, causing concern. The police investigation found that false information had similar content in the field of communication, Yunnan and other places the police has rumor,.相关的主题文章: