Wednesday night shift – ten William Feng three human entanglements (video)

Wednesday night shift "-" ten William Feng three – _34 > human entanglements; > > click on the video to watch "-" Tencent, Tencent entertainment news by Yao off the media produced the TV series "-" from this week will officially shift, adjust to every Wednesday and Thursday night 22:00 Hunan TV broadcast only diamond theater broadcast. In the last week of the story, with Sakura empty release (Ma Tianyu ornaments) ascended the throne, Sang Lan (Medina ornaments), shame (Dan Sihan ornaments) this couch was killed by the original story aired, also let many viewers said: "looking forward to the next story". With the shift, the pear falls (Song Qianshi), frozen sea Sang Lan himself in the original picture will also be on the line this week. "-" love William Feng Victoria Song Terrier throw God all loves cannot be together in the TV drama "city of fantasy", most attention is the long winded couple Castle (William Feng ornaments) and pear fall feelings, two people from six leaves for ice road in all sorts of hardships together go through fire and water, Continus to give each other each other. In order to Castle pear drop is willing to give up all the protoss identity aside ban; pear drop only several "beauty Rescue Heroes", in order to help get rid of the sword of the spirit life and death agreement signed more castle and fall into the oracle. With the general emotional drama in strong possessive, Picasso and pear drop in the movie are adhering to the "love let go", because of evil Castle refused to marry the pear falls for his wife, because the pear falls to death agreement sunset turned monster Castle farewell, not love and not love, but love can not be too deep the story of child heart entanglements, triggered a sustained attention of many viewers. Last week the plot sentence "my fiancee is a pear drop" long winded couple finally hugged sweet, also let many users believe that the two people finally can be together ", but in the original, the pear falls because the non Protoss bloodline was buried in the depths of the sea, in the TV series, the pear Falls mortal identity increased the identity of the two party gap, more has been strongly hinder the ice king, two people will be recognized has become a major part of the story this week. It is reported that Picasso and pear fall wedding will be held in the week, behind this romantic wedding whether there is a new conspiracy? Picasso and the pear falls love means All sufferings have their reward.? The fog will examine the show in front of the audience. Medina is really wrong to pay the total injury tragedy Mermaid couple about open road blackening wordy emotion line, played by Medina Sang Lan also makes many viewers feel bad. Mermaid statue Saint said that "when a man’s heart is not in your body, you should not turn left, noble and elegant, but since he met Sang Lan castle at first sight, although many were brutally rejected but could not care about. In last week’s story wrong Gang (Book Shuo AsiaInfo ornaments) when the castle of Sang Lan delivered a lifetime, opened the tragic fate of the knob. Green in the fairy tale of the little mermaid to own Prince threw herself into the sea, love bubble is the hearts of people enduring sorrow songs, whether it is a fairy tale or film and television works, become the symbol for the image of mermaid love appeared in the TV series, "-", Sang Lan tragedy color becomes more intense. Even if not put on the castle’s feelings, but more willing to his happiness and "rival" pear drop frank; in the castle for other woman sad.相关的主题文章: