Watch apple can not take pictures The third party watch strap to meet your camera

Watch Apple can not take pictures? The third party to meet your camera watch strap there had been rumors that Apple will join the camera in the second generation Apple Watch, to realize the function of FaceTime. But in the fall of September press conference, Apple Watch Seriers 2 built-in GPS and enhanced waterproof performance, and no additional new features to join. And we do not know whether Apple will give Apple Watch camera. CMRA watch strap but if you don’t want to do this with a lot of waiting, two camera CMRA watch strap may solve your needs, it is self camera + a 2 million pixel main camera with a 8 million pixel. CMRA watch strap is currently at a price of $149 sale, later the price will rise to $199, the final retail price at $249. But the bad news is that even if you book now, the fastest will not be shipped until next spring… CMRA watch strap structure diagram is designed in the front camera self timer dial with the same, and the microphone and LED lights, which is equivalent to the mobile phone on the front camera. The main camera is located at the far side of watchband, when you keep watch dial position when the shooting direction is pointing to the front, so the dial screen display is equivalent to the viewfinder. In the charging bracket they also CMRA watchband customized charging stand, at the same time to charge the Watch Apple together with the watch strap. At the same time support can also act as a mobile power source, the built-in battery is full enough to watch and watch strap two. CMRA watch strap also comes with 8GB of storage space, even if the watch batteries can be used stand-alone video camera. At present, there are already available for the test version of the engineering machine, the number of specific production needs to be determined according to the predetermined circumstances. But considering the next autumn apple may will increase the camera for the Apple Watch, now a predetermined CMRA watch strap risk is still quite large.相关的主题文章: