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Washington is a special independence referendum "to an independent state" – Beijing, according to Xinhua news agency, Washington, the Columbia SAR is scheduled to conduct 8 "Independent States" referendum, to become America’s fifty-first states. Quoted "no representative, no tax" slogan, advocates for the Columbia SAR "independent state" supporters said, only to become the "state" to end the residents of the capital "two citizen", in both houses of Congress have their own elected representatives. However, the opposition opinion, Columbia SAR referendum will only "". As the capital of the United States, the Columbia Special Administrative Region is directly under the jurisdiction of the federal government and does not belong to any state. According to Reuters, Washington currently has about 672 thousand people, with a total area of about 176 square kilometers. Although the federal tax, but its citizens in the federal house of Representatives, only one member of the right to vote, there is no representative in the federal senate. "We can enjoy the same rights and obligations as those of the 50 states of the United States," said Phil, President of the Columbia Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) Council, and said, "only by becoming an independent state," said Mendelsohn, chairman of the Council of the hksar. It is envisaged that if the "independence", the "new" jurisdiction will include the Columbia SAR in the core area of the White House and the The United States Capitol of the federal government. The referendum involves "agree with the independent state, whether in favor of the proposed state constitution" and "new boundaries", voters simply select "yes" or "no". The idea of "independent state" was unanimously adopted in the Columbia special administrative region. In November last year, a poll by Washington Post showed that 67% of the people in the area were supported by the "independent state"". "If you do not belong to members of a state, so much of the content in the constitution of the United States will not apply to you," supports the "independent state" Min’an Lloyd said?. "In vain" although this is the District of Columbia for the first time a similar referendum, but this is not the first attempt to separate state region. In the 80s of the last century, Washington had submitted a petition to form an independent state, but the United States Congress ignored it; in 1993, the house of Representatives rejected Washington’s request for independence. According to Agence France-Presse review, if the referendum was passed, will bring no small pressure on the new president of the United states. However, these votes can only reflect public opinion, it is difficult to produce any binding force and legal effect. Some experts questioned the Columbia SAR "independent state" referendum "approach will only in vain". First of all, because of the majority of Democrats in Washington, if the independent state, will increase the number of Democrats in congress. Therefore, even if the referendum passed, will be strongly opposed by Republicans in congress. Secondly, in addition to the obstacles faced by political parties, the SAR will be subject to constitutional constraints on the issue of independence. The United States Constitution think-tank Cato Institute scholar Roger? Pyrrhon said, to make the independent state, Congress needs to put forward the constitution.相关的主题文章: