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Want to 8 yuan easy in any nine? Historical experience tells you not to fly! The lottery easily? Each victory against most will appear in the 1-2 field of low odds game, compared to the SMG winning color number is numerous, very difficult to big amplitude ultra low compensation number. Just today, the outcome of the 16173 color of the game appeared to be the lowest of the 7 games to win the loss of less than 1.10, it is difficult to find in history. [see small intelligent lottery recommended! The European pre full resolution!] this period the victory and defeat color is a lottery to see that many "money" against the 16046 year period, as the outcome of color, but also many low wins for the play, and have a game cancelled, basically all the current lottery are experience the awarding of the joy, but the bonus was "too horrible to look at", it is a record of any nine out of 2 yuan. 16046 lottery results but some senior lottery would just laugh it off, because they know that the game will be more opportunity to the outbreak of the award. Seven ultra low – compensate plus 3 low compensation, arguably cautious about 1.5 wins for the two games will be 8 yuan in nine ways. But even if the game did not win that upset will give the football lottery color caused serious destruction, like the 2014 victory in 14143rd period, Russia’s home court against Moldova, before the game out of 1.01 ultra low compensation, of which 95.95% punters were chosen for his bravery, disappointing results, Russia should draw by struggling. This is a game that almost is not "cold" one against, let full-color bonus. 14143 lottery results are the outcome of color specifically against, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Hungary, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium and Russia were opened out 14 years at similar wins for the seven teams, you smell the breath of a shock, or will be issued two teams have won the "grand prize"? Has good prediction accuracy the outcome of color against small living in Europe pre game, big data to predict today has been released in advance, when no start might choose popular game click on view, listen to, say. (67)相关的主题文章: