Wang Sicong and find a new love Gossip girl 96 years young model suspected Huzhou

Wang Sicong and find a new love? Gossip girl 96 years, intersection of suspected Huzhou national husband Wang Sicong young model and the largest in Huzhou I think only Huzhou Wanda Plaza, the proposed mall will open in December 2016 when they will be attracted numerous concerns. But there are rumors of Wang Sicong and a woman is Zhang Xiaomeng Meng, 96 years of this beautiful young model is seductive, according to a small series of students should be the judge of this game we Huzhou people. According to Zhang Xiaomeng Meng screenshot micro-blog, is located in Huzhou, worked in Jiaxing. There are certain general small famous new young women, such as gold digger, fashion women and so on, is love yourself will be Hangzhou, Shanghai ah such a label, can be far away from Huzhou as far away from Huzhou, so many examples, see your circle of friends of friends inside there is such a person. Who also not ah, as can be imagined, this is only 20 years old little girl is honest. So what does Zhang Xiaomeng look like? Why can you get into Wang Sicong’s eyes? Look at the photo, we use network seven words to describe "the usual skin white and beautiful long legs" (photos not found legs feel shy, his brain, young model, legs) presumably also appropriate. Baidu entry is written like this: Wang Sicong and tender sister shopping, previously, micro-blog well-known blogger Wang Sicong exposure family placed a girl painting, in this regard, netizens have said: "this is a new one?" "Sure enough, is a network of red" and "Wang Sicong’s aesthetic standard is really new? The day before, micro-blog blogger Wang Sicong and red net exposure beauty Zhang Xiaomeng shopping photos, causing onlookers. In the photo, Wang Sicong and red beauty together shopping, Zhang Xiaomeng wearing fashionable hot, show legs, and Si Cong also generous with Xiaomeng shoulders, two people very close. Huzhou beauty out of the big Zhejiang and many of the country’s influence, in this small series is not an example, when we set out to make everyone happy. But the grass root still around the grass root love topiccomment: Green Tea bitch? Lost Huzhou face people in all over the country, Huzhou has a surprise that really is not proud of what each one takes what he needs, as trassient as a fleeting cloud相关的主题文章: