Wang Jianlin completed the first variety tour a ” small target ” become net red – P

Wang Jianlin completed the first tour of a variety of   " " small target; network become red entertainment channel — original title: Wang Jianlin completed the first tour of a variety of small target " " network become red after the "field", the network has a popular word, nearly two day, many people of the WeChat circle of friends, a group of screenshots are from the brush southeast TV burst. The screenshots from the new reality show style — "chat show on Friday night the new launch southeast TV Lu Yu about big coffee a day", in this program, Chinese richest Wang Jianlin completed the first variety show recording, "want to do the best in the world, the first one can reach the target for example, I make it one hundred million." Many users by Wang Jianlin said that the "small target" shocked, so all the brain hole wide open, have ridicule weight it’s not urgent, first set a small goal, for example three days first lose 70 pounds, "looking for a boyfriend not anxious to set a small goal, for example I’ll fix the male god Zhang Jike", "learning musical instruments is not easy, first set a small goal, such as I passed the piano ten"…… Join the rub "goal" sentence game, there are many onlookers, the richest man in the Chinese network screenshot "kneeling" a. Some netizens suggested that Wang Jianlin ‘s son, Wang Sicong, had repeatedly appeared in the network’ golden words’ to become ‘national’. Today, we know that ‘National Father’ Wang Jianlin does not open on weekdays, once the opening, it is beyond the ‘National husband’ good far, ginger or old spicy! Wang Jianlin has a net worth of 170 billion, the fact that it is composed of 1700 small targets!" First look, "Lu Yu about big coffee day" is what type of program? The program is the southeast TV, channel TV and energy communication together to create a reality show. In addition to the first phase of the emergence of China’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, after there will be Dong Mingzhu, Zhou Hong, and so on, such as Yang Liping, and so on, and so on, and so on. On Friday, the southeast TV broadcast "Lu Yu about big coffee day", Wang Jianlin not only accepts the interview with the host, the host in the cafeteria for lunch, before dinner, Wang Jianlin talked about their canteen rather proud, because Wanda invested thousands of acres of land to do the farm, planting a variety of organic fruits and vegetables and poultry breeding direct supply, Beijing canteen. Later, Wang Jianlin also showed his mysterious collection, and even open private aircraft to the host! According to the reporter, Wang Jianlin in the southeast TV interview programs will be divided into two phases of the broadcast, 9:10 on Friday night, Southeast TV will broadcast "Lu Yu about big coffee day" "the next Wang Jianlin", in the next episode, Wang Jianlin will focus on how Wang Sicong and son of "mutual brainwashing", then "National Father" to the crowd broke some of the "national husband" mengliao. (commissioning editor Li Yan and Chen Yuan)相关的主题文章: