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VR Netflix: how to break through the VR content dilemma? Sohu VR practitioners are in a headache thing: content does not pass. This seems to be hot trend misfits and VR. According to the global market research firm TrendFroce report shows that in 2016 the market valuation of VR reached $6 billion 700 million, and is expected to reach $70 billion in 2020. These figures illustrate that: VR is one of the most promising markets in the future. Meanwhile, the VR hardware market in the past two years, especially the rapid development. Facebook (Oculus, Google, Sony acquisition), HTC and other giants are wrestling hardware market, fierce competition has stimulated the iterative update of hardware technology, every three months to half of the cycle, people will be able to see the new VR products. In the last month, Sony and Google on the release of VR devices PlayStation VR and Daydream. However, VR software did not keep up with the development of the hardware frequency. Because the VR equipment popularization degree is not high in the market, the content of the realization of uncertainty, which makes the betting hardware industry giants are not willing to read the contents of the VR construction. In addition to the game industry (represented by EA), the porn industry (represented by Pornhub) and live entertainment (in the field of sporting events and concerts based) breakthrough in content production, high quality VR films. Many people worry about the so-called "2016 is the first year of VR" is only applicable to hardware, the content of the spring in sight. To this end, the reporter interviewed the founder of a VR content producer in Losangeles, WEVR Neville Spiteri, and he discussed the development and prospects of VR content. WEVR is the industry as the VR session of the Netflix, its production of VR film has been two times Proto Awards (VR Oscar prize) and several nominations. VR suffered three Spiteri crisis there is a famous saying in the industry, "the lead content in the VR hardware in the early today, if you can produce high quality VR content, you will win a large number of users, has the ability to realize." However, this is easier said than done. According to an industry survey report shows that 38% of VR practitioners believe that the most serious problem in the VR industry is the lack of high-quality content. In another survey, 38% and 22% were worried about the poor user experience and the problem of high cost. First of all, in the content production, technology and production process is not perfect is the main problem. The production of VR content is not just a simple 360 degree panoramic camera can be completed, but the need for continuous changes in the technical level. For example, the production of light and sound fields, such as content, as well as the production process (including the collection, preparation, playback and dissemination of content, etc.) need to improve and improve. Secondly, the user experience is the difference between the content of the manufacturers.相关的主题文章: