Virtual currency chaos has involved in drugs and money laundering and other illegal activities winlinez

Virtual currency chaos: has involved in drugs and money laundering and other illegal activities of sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Beware of "black gold" virtual currency and virtual currency has been involved in fictional aura of drug trafficking, money laundering, tax avoidance, fund-raising fraud and other illegal activities, is Liao Haiyong Wu Xuchuan with the bitcoin virtual currency, has aroused great interest of economists and policy researchers and investors. In the theoretical literature, the concept of several common virtual currency and electronic money, money, money and other digital network are often mixed together, in practice, there are many kinds of virtual currency in the name of investment, illegal fund-raising or network marketing of the real case, this will inevitably make people confused: what is the virtual currency? What is the value of virtual currency? What are the risks of virtual currency? The definition of virtual currency from the form, the money is divided into physical and digital currency. As the name implies, the real currency is visible, with an intuitive method on behalf of their value can be seen or touched, and digital currency is immaterial, it represents the value of figures, and storage and transmission through electronic information. In the same way as the traditional currency, digital currency may be used to purchase virtual goods and services in the network, and may also be used to purchase goods and services in real life. From the morphological point of view to understand the digital currency, then the digital currency covers more than the virtual currency and electronic currency, virtual currency and electronic currency are digital currency. Electronic money is legal tender in the form of electronic digital, information is stored in the magnetic stripe, microelectronics, optical devices, computer servers, as digital cash card, micro card, radio card or on the Internet, how much money for the increase of digital performance. The virtual currency can only in a particular environment by a few people to accept, as the role of money, but the property itself does not have real money, not to accept the monetary authority control, issued only by its creator and control. The essential difference between electronic currency and virtual currency lies in whether there is a statutory solvency, which makes the electronic currency and virtual currency in many aspects there is a big difference. First of all, from the unit of account for the electronic currency unit of account are generally real money, such as the yuan, the euro and the dollar, but the virtual currency unit is from monetary units into one, such as Baidu coins, Q coins, coins; second, from the scope of use, can be used as electronic currency payment in all places except the issue refers to the outside, but the virtual currency can only be used in the virtual community in particular; from third, whether by the monetary authorities, supervision, supervision by the monetary authorities of electronic currency, virtual currency and monetary authorities are generally not subject to supervision; Fourth, from the type of risk, the risk of electronic money the user is the main operational risk, but the virtual currency users are facing operational risk, credit risk, legal risk and liquidity risk etc. Type of risk. On the logic of virtual currency相关的主题文章: