Viewpoint it seems that only the stock market can play!

Viewpoint: it seems that only the stock market can play! Source: WeChat public number "love stock APP" Author: the stock market last night saw a micro-blog blade, say C can be completely cured, cure "Sophie Bouvet" created a market myth, the first year will win $10 billion. At the same time, doctors, patients carnival, investors continued to panic, the patient no longer need to take medicine, pharmaceutical companies how to live? So everyone crazy to sell pharmaceutical company GILD shares, now the stock has fallen to "Sophie Bouvet" before listing the level of price earnings ratio of only 6.75. Some investors even asked to direct the emperor to abdicate, chief scientist GILD to resign. The stock market is always very boring, obviously life-saving good, once linked with money, immediately become the bad thing. On the contrary, in order to make money in the stock market, investors and even want something worse! The blade last night at the Baidu hot search list to see the "Zika virus", naturally think that the Ebola, which in turn suggests A shares antiviral stocks, then the Rhine biological, Lukang Pharmaceutical, haiwangshengwu, pharamceutical into zishuagu. However, buy this stock, the heart is very tangled, because once you have the antiviral stocks, naturally want the virus to be more violent, some of the more widely spread areas, some more people die, even the best can spread Chinese…… Hey, I am kind, in order to make some money out of the psychological abnormality, why? Then there is no buy! Near the close, two forty-five, zishuagu in Lukang Pharmaceutical suddenly pull limit line! According to media reports, the Singapore village card virus severe epidemic, including 30 Chinese people infected. Feel a bit alarmist blade of stocks trading, Zhai card is not a deadly virus, but infected pregnant women, great harm to the baby. PPP recently limelight, showing persistent rare, in Wai Ming environmental protection, Mongolian grass ecological two connecting plates under the stimulation of speculation began to spread, from environmental protection, water conservancy, spread to the city of the sponge, low sideways Han Jian Heshan, Longquan shares funds hunting seal plate. Said the best performance of the 3P concept, today the most deceptive non gaosongzhuan and new times, the brothers as the popularity of the plate, every act and every move affects market nerves, leading indicators of the status of well deserved. They are from the opening after shocks weaken, late is accelerated under the kill, work together to finally put the whole market down. Obviously, last night "3100 after a breakthrough high throw" strategy is correct, but the positions of the heavy friends do not have to worry about, mark integer shock is also normal, this amount can be enlarged, there are signs of incremental funding approach. At present, the bond market suffered control of iron, the property market into the last crazy, asset allocation categories windmill rotation, seemingly only the stock market can play. But if you can put the money transferred abroad, is another matter. The latest data, China’s foreign exchange reserves in August to reduce $15 billion 900 million. Hong Kong stocks continued to rise recently, stocks in the U.S. stocks also soared…… The logic behind this is very clear, the depreciation of foreign reserves to reduce the amount of funds to flee China, these funds have to pursue investment returns, part of the purchase of foreign real estate, the other part相关的主题文章: