Van Mar Caidan Tibetan movie creation insist the pure consideration of commercial demonophobia

Van Mar Caidan: Tibetan movie creation insist the pure consideration of commercial site to share the creative experience of Tencent Van Mar Caidan entertainment news (Wen Chufei) recently, by the Shenzhen municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department (Futian District Sports Bureau), Shenzhen city hosted the film co hosted "Futian starlight cinema" to invite Tibetan director Van Mar Caidan to Shenzhen screenings of his films "multicolored arrows" and share his creation and the audience. On the same day, the director was Van Mar Caidan fans shadow Hui art film museum to share his first feature film "the silent holy stone" and signing his new book "Tallo". Van Mar Caidan’s first work, "the silent stone," is a documentary about the story of a small temple in the middle of the new year to go home Lama story. The director said, this is the beginning of a short film, in 2002 when he went to Beijing to study film, to make a film of homework every semester, during which he wrote this little Lama left the temple back to the home of the story, "and later participated in the festival, many people think it can be made into a long, in 2004 began to write the script and put it into a feature." This movie also encountered many difficulties, the biggest difficulty is all non occupation actor, and in film, "an old man in the movie, was already more than and 80 years old, lines are more difficult, since this is in the movie most long. There are also very touching things, but also because the elderly, because he heard that the film is very expensive, he was very worried about the reasons for the delay of the shooting crew. So I couldn’t sleep all night." Van Mar Caidan’s first intention is to do a pure art film, but also worry about the box office, he also admitted that in order to survive to take some feature films, this is his compromise to the market, but he took the Tibetan film, do not consider joining the commercial elements, such as "pure Tibetan films I think that, to join the commercial elements may be bad. So still have to adhere to the pure creation, this is two different directions." Van Mar Caidan’s "colorful sky" through the Tibetan traditional archery, with cameras under the vast sky, a generation of Tibetan youth story, a new generation of young Tibetan people standing in the intersection of two new and old stream, on the one hand they accept the traditional Tibetan culture imperceptibly, and they have different from older Tibetans were baptized by modern civilization. This pair of natural and profound face, life is the most vibrant portrayal of youth. "Tallo" is Van Mar Caidan following the "Mani stone, then quietly knock" new stories, the author selected in recent years, published in ten short stories, stories of various shapes, reflects the reality of Tibetan living state and the world is a little like 100, say the most beautiful in the real, which the "Tallo" was adapted into a film of the same name.相关的主题文章: