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Vagrant millionaires posing as a unit of Hefei female leaders hidden marriage and cohabitation of man posing as an enterprise of Lu’an city’s millionaires, in line with the Hefei female leaders attached to a unit, the female leaders sun really married to conceal the identity of the man and Liu Hua cohabitation rent in Hefei. Cohabitation is not long, Sun Zhen found his friends, Liu Hua is a "drug addicts suck repeatedly repeat offenders". In October 31st, rental in Hefei Yao temple Sun Zhen came to the area police station to report her boyfriend drug abuse, the police rushed to the scene investigation found that Liu Huaque Liu Hua will take away, is an addiction deep man, not a multimillionaire. Two months ago, Sun Zhen through the WeChat group, met a middle-aged man. Through the small talk that the man named Liu Hua, is an entrepreneur in Lu’an City, with tens of millions of assets. Liu Zhen said, although he has been married, was Liu Hua’s humorous and witty attracted two people in the online dating, and met last month. Liu Zhen said after the meeting, Liu Hua said he intended to often come to Hefei, Sun Zhen took Yao temple in Hefei to rent a room for two people dating. Sun Zhen said that the recent period of family travel, he has a lot of time, with the development of cohabitation became a relationship with Liu Hua. So she did not expect that, along with the longer she found Liu Hua toilet time longer, a few days ago, Liu Hua on the toilet, she deliberately break in, Liu Hua was surprised to find the drug in the toilet. The same day, Liu Hua said the drug is because of the pressure, said it would quit addiction. Liu Zhen believed it, but in October 31st, she found out that Liu Huaduo was taking drugs in the bathroom. She was reported to the police. After the alarm, the area police station rushed to the scene to take Liu Hua Liu Hua, after a urine test, urine test results were positive, truthfully confessed his drug abuse. Police said the sun really this report, Liu Hua has also been implicated in drug convictions, "he is unemployed, and not millionaires." 1 am, the reporter learned from the district police, Liu Hua has been administrative detention by the police. (the characters are a pseudonym)相关的主题文章: