using natural resources without wasting them 6名城管殴打学生 游客不听劝阻遇难

Home-and-Family Is our planet breaking down or is it just a hoax? Is there a conspiracy or are natural resources becoming dangerously depleted? For the world to last, do we all need to embrace an envirronmentally friendly lifestyle? With the lack of total health and the growing cost of healthcare, is it time to return to natural means to save lives? It is time for the children of the world to be educated in earth friendly means of protecting the earth. There was a time when most people kept a garden and produced some of their own foods. The enjoyment of the garden, seeing it blossom and producing fruits and vegetables is something a lot of kids do not experience. Green plants convert carbon dioxide into oxygen but how many children understand this? Nourishment, unpolluted air and drinking fresh water all can lead to a healthy body. The wellbeing of our planet may count on a return to an environmentally friendly lifestyle. There could be consequences as a result of the way we live today. Our average lifetime may be increasing but what about the quality of our lives? There are illnesses that we no longer suffer from but there are other risks to our health we need to be aware of. Living green will improve the health of the planet and make life worth living. The youth, who are earth’s future, should learn why greener lifestyles are important. Our air is so polluted as an outcome of making use of conventional fossil fuels, so the need for solar and wind powered energy is present. The changes need to be done today before it is too late. Do we genuinely want to ruin the earth? Why else would we sit by and see the earth poisoned in this fashion? Will there come a point when we cannot overturn the toxins in our food, clean the air or ensure our water is good to drink? Material commodities look to mean more to people than some of the established values we used to have. The health of a person must be paramount rather than any monetary gain through someone being in poor health. It is time to slow down, work for the gain of all, and become conscious of what is happening to the world we live in. Maybe solar power and wind power are not as profitable as oil, but isn’t it time that making big profits is not the deciding factor for doing something? It is time for our kids to learn how to start living a healthy lifestyle, using natural resources without wasting them, and that there is not another world to move to. For the sake of our youth, we should know what we need to do, so that they have a future on this earth. We all are answerable, so the switch to a greener way of life should start right now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: